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How to encash Dhan Yoga in horoscope

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Catch that elusive Dhan Yoga

My 2 decades practice of Indian Vedic Astrology says that each horoscope has both negative & positive Yogas in Horoscope but none harm or fructify unless we manage our karmas of present life to suppress the negative ones and activate positive ones. Same way many horoscopes have Dhan Yoga but is slips away also very fast so mend your Karmas to reap benefits of dhan yoga.

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I have seen many splendid careers start fizzling out in the middle. Many have a nice head start into whatever they start doing, but because of one thing or the other, they lose the plot somewhere in the middle, never to recover back. Mr. Nambiar, a plastics engineer, started a small plastic mounding business after taking leads from the company he worked with. Initially, his business did well as he was able to break away some clients of the company where he used to work. This good start prompted him to go in for immediate expansions and resultantly loans. But for reasons beyond the understanding of Mr. Nambiar, his business started to dip. The interest on debts, the monthly staff salary, the continuously increasing credits, and the ever-growing rejections of produced material was something he was not accustomed to handling.

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The business closed not because of choice but under severe compulsion. Mr. Rahul Agnihotri, a business graduate from America, started his own business after drifting away from his father's business. Huge investments could never be recovered because the whole project was ill-designed and was probably commissioned twenty years too early. He was left with no choice but to pursue a job in his domain. But, earning this wisdom costs him four years and a good amount of family fortune. Mr. Ketan Pareikh, on the advice and footprints of his father-in-law, started his own business of manufacturing glass sheets. All started well as he had access to all the contacts and knowledge of his father-in-law, but because of some Government ruling, the factory that he had put came in a negative zone for the manufacturing glass.

Due to competition he started to suffer immense losses on every sheet of glass he manufactured. It did not take long for a big factory to abruptly close. The huge investments on land, factory, imported machines and the inventory made him go bankrupt.  All these three fellows, Mr. Nambiar, Mr. Rahul Agnihotri, and Mr. Ketan Pareikh, had a great vision, had good family help and were curious to do wonders. Still, their ambitious or say circumstantial efforts pushed them back so much so to never rise again with the same amount of fervour. These three had a magnificent 'Laxmi' / Dhan Yoga in their horoscopes but the way they tried to rake it up was grossly wrong.

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A Laxmi Yoga or Dhan Yoga has to be handled very diligently as it slips away from the hand very fast. Their tale is not that grim now, the tables have turned, and they have started to enjoy their life after coming out of the debts. Let this not happen to you. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi best Jyotish for love astrology and free astrology. Read more on his blogs.