How astrology helps mend the Business Partnership

business partnership

HT CITY - 26.8.2018 - Know how astrology can mend your business partnership

The grass is always greener on the other side: Sole proprietary business owners envy partnership businesses for their many assisting hands whereas partnership business fancy single operating businesses as their gains or profits get distributed among partners. But the fact of the matter is, in this era of high competitiveness colluding for more and sustained gains has become imminent. However, those who go for partners in a business may not have an understanding that nourishes a partnership. As a result, the much-cherished business dreams come to a crashing end, resulting in losses, bitterness, and rivalry. 
The answer to whether an individual has the capability to run a business or not lies in the horoscope and so does the ways to combat the incapability. Those who seek for collaborations should get their horoscopes assessed for any issues that could paralyse the existence of the business. The extent to which the values of an individual would change, the monetary appetite of the individual, the hidden agendas, lack of decision making in a group, a disproportionate distribution of power and responsibility and lot many more things can be the reason for a failed partnership initiative. 
The aftermath of a failed partnership is even more frightening as, besides monetary loss, the individual suffers a loss of reputation, mental disorder and continual loss. A systematic reading of the horoscopes (D-1, D-9, D-10, D-12 & D-60 charts) with a complete analysis of the first and seventh houses and its lord gives a fair idea of the path of least resistance and high success while overcoming all the obstacles that are to come in the way of partnering. 

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