Horoscopes need a scientific reading


How Scientific reading of horoscope affect decisions

With 2 decades of practicing on Indian Vedic Astrology, I very firmly state that Horoscope once allotted cannot be changed. Each horoscope has both negative dosha & positive yogas but nothing guarantees negative or positive results. It all depends on our karmas how do we deactivate negative Doshas in Horoscope and trigger activation of positive Yogas in Horoscope. Planetary transits give enough flexibility for all this maneuverability to mend the results in our favour. Here if not 100% then atleast we can reduce the intensity of negative effects. Basic need is for someone to guide us how to do it through a scientific reading of Horoscope than drifting one towards mindless rituals with wrongly perceived notions. Now read what I wrote in my weekly column in HT City on 9.2.2020.

When the stake rises high enough, then even the 'believers in self' sort of people turn to decode their future to know what exactly is in store for them. Last Sunday, my writeup tried to explain this mindset. In my astrological journey thus far, I have encountered many people who try to mock this science. Among them, many have been more critical in showcasing their 'karma orientation' while disregarding destiny in totality. But I find that many among these at a point or the other try and seek destiny bits of advice. Till the time the things run as per the willingness every person is 'Karma orientated'.

This Sunday, I wish to decipher what astrology has to say about compatible long-lasting marriage. Mr. Sharma visited my office with the birth charts of his thirty-year-old daughter, and of the boy, she insisted on getting married. Before I could set my hands on the charts, Sharmaji explained with utmost anxiety that he had shown the charts to four other astrologers, and none of them opined that the chart matched. He also 'knew' there was a NadiDosha in the traditional Asthakoot Match and also that the boy was Manglik and their marriage would not see the second year. I knew he was visiting me to increase the number of 'no' which could probably influence his daughter's decision.

While I was trying to decipher their Horoscopes, I was also told that these guys were seeing each other for the last five years, and apart from the mismatch of the horoscopes, the boy was from other caste and region. I have done comprehensive research work on the matching of charts, which is available through my blogs and website, and Sharmaji was influenced by reading them. Both of them had developed a great marriage Yoga which was not to end before the next nine months, and the horoscopes mismatched as per the classical way of interpreting.

There was a NadiDosha while doing the Asthakoot matching, but there was dilution (ved) too. NadiDosha, primarily relates to problems in progeny, was getting a 'Bhanga'. The boy was wrongly labeled as a Manglik (most astrologers tend to do it), as the Mars was in the sign of Jupiter. The primary doers Karaka of Marriage Jupiter and Venus were matching to a great degree. There were few problems in the Navamshas of both the persons, but that could have been sorted.

By sort, I mean to say that if we know what can go wrong in particular marriage, we can make the couple aware of the problems that they could face. It took just one counseling session, and the couple is going great even after six years of their marriage. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi best Jyotish for love astrology and free astrology. Read more on his website and blog.