Here's How Planetary Activities Can Be Decoded

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Times of India 12.1.19- Here's How Planetary Activities Can Be Decoded
Planets sing melodious tunes but these tunes can turn jarring also. I, Dr Vinay Bajrangi, a Vedic Jyotish, from now on would unveil all the shades of the planets that make or break one's world alongwith the Vedic methods to avoid these tunes becoming jarring. Consider this; it was Saturn Dasha when a native quit his well-paying job to start a business, which was extraordinarily positive, and the native started making money. In same Dasha, the native expanded the business manifolds and caught hold of a few business associates who helped in controlling his ever-expanding business. This Dasha also saw dwelling units, other luxuries and an extension of his bloodline, i.e. progenies. 
All this happened in just six years giving him a name for himself in his industry and creditors use to line outside his office to loan him out any money. Our over courageous native ventured out to invest in properties in this Dasha but with a slight difference that Antar/Bhukti of Venus had begun. He pumped a huge amount of money in this new business taking all loans and his confidence and later helplessness was such that he did not mind paying flimsy figure as interest. Saturn who had made him a towering businessman, under the influence of Venus, started robbing him.  The parent business shrunk due to negligence and backstabbing of partners, the real estate business had a limitless appetite of swallowing the money. With vanishing saving and seizure of properties, the creditors were now lining his office for recovery. One could surely control such swings with a little care. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.