Health Problems  

Health is one of the most important and vital functions for a long life. Everyone has heard and says that 'Health is wealth'. This is an absolutely right thought. But many times, people handle the health issues little casually at the appropriate time OR sometimes the health issues are hidden & surface only when the time to cure or taking care has gone.

This page is an overall narration on health problems. To read specific birth chart's related information and self-assessment click on health problems.

The science of astrology " medical astrology" is  fully capable to deal with Health & Logevity issues. Proper reading of 6th House detects sickness, 8th deciphers surgery or even death, 12th house indicates hospitalisation and so on. However there can not be any set & defined predisctions / verdicts which could apply to all universally. And any final advise can be given only after reading the particular positions of sub - Lords. Like any other astrological advise, let us be clear that any predictions on any matter including Health here depends on the main planets , sub lords & moon sign of the acsendent therefore we should not take or work on the stereo type / universally applicable predictions.

Sometimes we face a situation that medical expertise fails on correct diagnosis & we get a hidden pressure of something serious happening or total in dark.

Any thing in specific related to health say prolonged disease , sudden drop in the health, depression or any thing not getting diagnosed, any strange symptoms or any thing else you find related to the Health can be analysed with reasons & given solutions seeing the particular Bhav / Dasha & relevant chart from your horoscope.

For specific guidance on health issues, you can:

1. Opt for online report

2. Direct consultation with me

*NOTE- Online Report can take 4-5 working days as it is given only by Dr. Bajrangi after detailed analysis.