The answer to this starts

1. Whether you are born to be an exployee or employer.

2. Now if you are born to be an employee, you would get a job in Govt / semi Govt sector or in the Private sector.  

3. Govt job prospects have to be supported with particular stars & planetary position in your horoscope which give clear indications of your Govt Job prospects.

4. Some people look for & keep trying for Govt jobs for some hidden menifesto also. 

5. For some Govt jobs like I.A.S., I.P.S, Judiciary or high profile positions, there are very strong indications in the Horoscope but if planetary positions do not support, sometimes native keeps trying but finally loses the entire Golden Era of trying for another job.

A small insight into your horoscope reveals all this so it is always better to take a clear mandate on this. And if your horoscope does not bless you with Govt job, it is always to modify your search well in time than repenting later. At least one can look for the opportunities in that direction which in the final run would prove to be blessings & could even be better than repenting at a time where your efforts can be time barred.

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