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Can Astrology help you determine whether you can get a Government job or not?

You will be surprised to know that even in today's modern world, everybody prefers government jobs because of their safety, security, and other benefits. Specially youngsters dream of getting a good government job. We meet so many people whose frequent question is, "whether I will get a government job or not." In today's article, we will share some secrets you are always curious about. This article will tell you about the planets and the conditions which can play a significant role in getting a government job. People doing private jobs are constantly worried that they may lose their job or that they should not face so much trouble in their job that they have to leave the job. These people are always in search of measures that can save them from the coming calamities. In this article, we will discuss all your worries and try to serve you with the best solutions. Along with this, we will also discuss why Saturn is the most painful planet. Why do people afraid of the fair judgments of the Lord Saturn? 

How can you check the chances of getting a government job through your horoscope?

It is not surprising if no one would have told you about the yoga of losing a government job, i.e., if the person is doing a government job, then what are the chances their job will last or not? Sometimes some government officials have to face serious allegations, so they worry about whether their job remains. Hence, you want safety and surety in your job to maintain peace of mind. 

By examining the D-60 chart, you can find answers to most of your queries. Whether a person can find a government job or not, it can easily be found through the D-60 chart. In this regard, we have to check on a priority basis whether the Lagna is related to the tenth house or not. The second important thing we must consider is whether the Sun plays a vital role in it and whether it is related to the eleventh house, along with both the ascendant and the tenth house. It is important to note that if you want answers to your queries about government jobs, you must consider the D-60 chart rather than the D-1 chart. We have seen many such gazetted IAS officers whose D-1 charts don't indicate a government job, but they are enjoying high official government posts. Hence, the most reliable chart to look for government jobs is the D-60 chart.

Can you predict the chances of losing your job through your horoscope? 

Knowing the chances of getting a job in your horoscope is essential. But you must understand that knowing the chances of losing a job in your horoscope is equally essential. The person may lose their job if the twelfth and sixth houses may become extremely strong in their horoscope by negative and malefic planets. Besides this, there is Bandhan Yoga which can also play an essential role in this issue. Although this yoga is of Sun and Saturn, there is also a yoga of Sun and Rahu, Sun and Ketu, which also comes under the noun of Bandhan Yoga. If we find any of these yogas inside the D-60 chart, we try to find out whether these yogas are related to the D-10 chart. If the answer is Yes, then there is a high chance that a person can lose their job within the dashas or antardashas of some planets. Now, it is essential to know which planets have these dashes. The job can be left in the dasha of ascendent, the sixth lord and tenth house, which means these yogas can create such circumstances in which you can lose your job. If you get trapped in these situations, then the question arises, how does Karma Correction work inside it? 

We often meet so many people who are curious to know when they will get success in their careers. People often come to us and ask to see their horoscope, and they also want to know when they will get successful in their career journey or when they will get transferred to their desired place.

Then after examining their horoscope, we tell them you need to forget about those things for the time being. It is time to pay your undivided attention in strengthening your job because your stars indicate that you may lose your job. When we tell them in detail about the things that caused their job loss, and if they make efforts to bring positive change within themselves, then this is the whole point of Karma improvement. In simple words, if you ask us something, and we give you a detailed answer to your query. Then, after listening to us carefully, if you bring positive changes in yourself for the betterment of your future, then it is called the correction of Karma.

Let's try to understand this thing by a phone call that comes to us inside the live program of a popular channel. On the phone call, a gentleman said- I am very sad. Will you solve my problems? My introduction is as follows-

Birth date- 22 June 1974

Birthplace- Bikaner

Time- night 11:20

On the basis of provided information, we told him that his ascendant sign is Leo, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. It is important to note that your tenth and sixth house of the horoscope suffers. We feel that all your words are valid. You are really in a painful condition. Then we start our questionary round to get more valuable information about him. Our first question was – whether you are being removed from your job. Secondly, we asked him- Is there any charge of embezzlement against you? Is there any case of money forgery? If your life is affected by any of the above points, please tell us in advance; otherwise, we will see your horoscope differently. In response to our questions, he said- Yes, Panditji! I used to work in a government company. Some days before, I lost my job. I am trying my best to get that job. Do I get success in my efforts? Can I get that job again? 

After listening to him carefully, We again asked him some questions; Our first question was– Please tell us that if your government job was missed due to being accused, were there any serious charges against you due to which your job was missed? Did you do something that comes under the category of illegal etc.? On this, he replied with a heavy heart -- Sir, all the charges against me are baseless. I did nothing, which comes under the category of illegal. I have been accused of false charges. Now, we further asked him in detail–- Remember and tell us that something like this also happened to you in 2006. That gentleman said- Yes, Pandit Ji, the same thing happened to me in 2006 also, but that time I survived by God's grace. Our interrogation went into more detail. We asked him –- after five years from 2006, i.e., from June to December 2011, Have you been accused of something wrong again? If yes, then tell us in detail about the reasons for which you were accused. He said- Yes, Pandit Ji, I was suspended for three months.

Our questionary rounds helped us a lot to understand him in a better way. We told him – If all the mishappening as mentioned above happened in your life, then you have been lying a lot to us. If you say the allegations against you are baseless, you are speaking wrong. We asked you so many questions because we want to confirm whether your horoscope is wrong or you are saying wrong. After matching your horoscope with our interrogation round, we come to the conclusion that your horoscope is absolutely correct. The charges made against you are not baseless. We want to tell you in clear words that you must have done something wrong, due to which charges have been imposed on you. And your horoscope is even saying that you have done such wrong things many times, but you have been caught only for the second time. It is a matter of great shame that whenever you get a chance, you try to steal or try to earn money by the wrong means, and it is even more disgusting that you are lying about everything, even in front of us. 

You must understand that if you lie to us about everything, how can we help you? In these circumstances, we need help providing you with remedial measures. You were blinded by your greed, because of which you did not think anything before doing any wrong act. But now, when you are not even getting a salary, how will you live your life? Would you like to say something about this? In response to all our words, he said- Yes, Pandit ji, I would like to say sorry from the bottom of my heart for all my misconducts and whatever I have said to you. Please tell me some solutions to get rid of my problems. After listening to his apologies, we told him that the remedy was a little complicated, so you must strictly follow our guidelines while doing this remedy for four months. First, read Hanuman Chalisa 11 times every night before going to sleep. Second, you need to go to Lord Shiva's temple every morning and offer some water on the Shivling. You have to do this for four months, after that you will call. This remedy will help you in restoring your job. But from now onwards, you have to be honest in your actions. 

From the above incident, we learned a lesson about how a person can be so cunning for his own benefit, and he can go to any extent to earn money. He is so blinded by greed that he does not feel ashamed to lie, even in front of his Guru. When we see a person's horoscope, our main aim is to bring happiness in his life by amending his deeds. Some people feel they can lie easily anywhere and get away with it, but this does not happen; sometimes, this lie becomes very heavy on them, and they get trapped in their own lies. Our primary duty is to prevent you from these types of webs. If you are also passing through these types of situations, we advise you to show us your horoscope. We will definitely help you to improve your Karma. 

Why do we consider Saturn the most troublesome planet?

In today's article, we would like to draw your attention to one more serious issue. Generally, it is seen that whenever any problems come to us, We start blaming Saturn for all the problems in our life. To some extent, it is correct because Saturn gives a lot of problems when it comes to its transits and conditions. It is shocking that people start taking measures to avoid Shani's wrath without showing anyone their horoscope. Such people think that only Shani is the root cause of all their troubles. But, it will only be in your interest to use remedies against Saturn if you get checked on your horoscope. It is imperative to know the nature of Saturn in your horoscope. Before using any remedial measures, you must know about the houses Saturn owns in your horoscope and how Saturn can give you trouble. 

It is discouraging to say that there are a lot of things that need to be clarified about Saturn in our society. We would like to delete all these misconceptions from your mind through this article. In vedic astrology, Saturn is often called the God of Karma or justice. It is associated with ethics, justice, career, achievements in life, virtues, and values. People are afraid of Shani because Shani is fair. A person's actions and decisions are judged when Saturn's dasha appears in a house or transits in a house. If you have done good things in your life, you will get good results, but if you have done bad things in your life, you can't skip the bad results for your wrong actions; because Saturn plays the role of a judge in your life for all your actions. 

Generally, people think that Shani is the root cause of their problems. Actually, Saturn does nothing. Shani only gives you the fruits of your actions. All these are the deeds done by the person before, and Shani is only giving their fruits. It is worth noting here that the place where Saturn is sitting. It affects that place as well as having a third, seventh, and tenth vision and complete ownership over two zodiac signs. In addition to this, Saturn is the factor of four houses, i.e., out of twelve houses in the horoscope, ten houses are under the control of Saturn. People often think that if they commit a minor sin, they will not be much affected by that. They can deal with God later or in the next birth cycle. But you must understand that if you tease Saturn's spirit even by mistake, then Saturn will not forgive you. It serves you its judgment instantly. As per astrology, Saturn spends about 2.46 years in each zodiac sign, which means Saturn is a slow-moving planet and gives pain slowly. In simple words, the intensity and duration of that pain are very long. As a result, the person gets frustrated and upset. 

Are there any remedial measures to reduce the wrath of Lord Saturn? 

You will not face the wrath of Saturn if you follow the path of honesty and religion. The most significant way to avoid Saturn's harmful effects is not to use illegal or immoral means to earn name, fame, and prosperity. Generally, we teach lessons of honesty to our children, but we ourselves do not walk on that path. Enen, in the case of little differences, we take out enmity with him. These days, we do not give much respect to our elders. We never think twice while using abusive language for anybody. In today's era, it has become fashionable to consume meat and alcohol. But this is not our culture. But, if you leave all these things and bring positivity to your mind and actions, then slowly but surely, you will be successful in earning the blessings of Lord Saturn. You will not get harmed by Saturn. There is no doubt that if Saturn has entered your zodiac, then you have to suffer its effects, whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. Due to Saturn's transit from Scorpio, Saturn is passing through the eighth house in the horoscope of Aries ascendant. The people with this ascendant would have suffered if they had not exercised any restraint in their diet and lifestyle. If you have been an alcoholic for a long time, and love to consume meat on a daily basis, then you should understand that Saturn will not leave you. It will definitely have adverse effects on your health. 

Presently Saturn is transiting through the seventh house in Taurus or Taurus Ascendant. In such a situation, if the natives of this ascendant fail to maintain harmony in their married life, then Saturn will do justice in its own way. Saturn can destroy their whole married life, and as a result, negativity spreads in the house atmosphere. You will feel frustrated and depressed. In other words, Saturn must always be talking about justice irrespective of what zodiac sign it belongs to or what ascendant it sits under.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that Saturn is related to emotions. It is to be worth noting that Saturn will not hurt you directly. Saturn never punishes you from his side. It attacks the planets, which provides you happiness at that time. Let's try to understand this with an example. Let's understand this issue with an example. Suppose a person has Dasha of the benefic planet Venus. Within that Dasha of Venus, he started spending money on his material comforts and luxuries rather than spending even a small amount in donations or to help needy people. In simple words, the person got trapped in money matters. He wants to spend his life in a lavish way. 

When a person gets trapped in the web of illusion, then he starts collecting materialistic things for himself. Such a person deviates from the path of honesty, kindness, religion, and truth. However, Venus compels him to do all such wrong things, which can help him get a name, fame, and prosperity through a shortcut. He is easily trapped in Venus's clutches; he is also enjoying this phase a lot as he is getting a lot of fame. Money starts coming from different places, and as a result, he is able to fulfill all his desires. But sometimes, you are so lost in your luxurious life that you forget the power of Saturn to judge your deeds. But Lord Saturn always does his duties honestly. If you do something wrong, Saturn will definitely punish you. But, if the planets have done something terrible in the horoscope, they do not desist from giving trouble to them too.

The famous Story of Bali and Shukracharya

We hope you have heard the famous story of Bali and Shukracharya, in which Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a child and requested Bali give him three feet of land. In response, Bali immediately and happily accepted his request. He said – Yes, I will give three feet of land to this child. But, Shukracharya, Bali's Guru, knew this was not an ordinary child. Guru Shukracharya had complete faith that this child was some form of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, Shukracharya sat on the face of the pot of water from which Bali was to give the promise. In response to this, Vishnu ji put a straw in it and burst Shukracharya's eye. Since then, he has been blind in one eye.

Through this story, we would like to tell you that Nobody can escape when Shani's condition comes or when Shani is in wrath. Shukracharya is the planet Venus and the Guru of demons. Despite having so much power, he is helpless to escape Saturn's curse. He has broken his limb after being in trouble with Shani, then what will happen to the rest of the planets? In other words, if we keep our deeds correct, don't think too crookedly, and make ourselves comfortable; then our life will be good. So that when Saturn comes in its dashas, antardashas, or transits, it will be able to evaluate all of your deeds; there is no point where it would need to punish or penalize. It implies that one should correct their deeds, something that an ordinary astrologer can't accomplish. It can only be done by an astrologer with good knowledge and experience in this field, who can examine your horoscope profoundly and figure out your evil actions. After that, he must have the courage to tell you what needs to be fixed and what needs to be left as is. Hence, we advise you to visit Bajrangi Dham once and examine your horoscope with us. We have expertise in these types of issues. We can tell you with more accuracy which karmas you need to modify and which ones you will do just fine.