Fate Plays A Predominant Role In Our Lives


Bombay Times 9.3.19- Fate Plays A Predominant Role In Our Lives, Says Astrologer:-

According to Dr Vinay Bajrangi, a PHD scholar in astrology, a blessing ignored becomes a curse. He explains, “In my two decades plus of practicing astrology, I have encountered many people who say that they do not believe in astrology and my answer to them always remains the same — that they who do not believe are truly blessed and shall remain blessed till the time they need one. But those who have tasted some success or those who have achieved some heights in their lives cannot deny the fact that fate or bhagya plays a predominant role in differentiating between doer, achiever and gifted. Yes, karma oriented people never fail, but these people who also have positive fate behind them rule the roost. An excessive predominance of karma makes one a laborer who never sleeps hungry whereas excessive predominance of fate without karma sends one to a diamond-studded coffin.”

He continues, “Those who are at the zenith of their fields have a good balance of bhagya and karma. The horoscope has unique quadrants, which signify for the bhagya and Karma whereas there are certain planets, which also signify these two significant traits of a person. And the treatment meted out to these quadrants and planets for karma and bhagya determine the number of steps one takes on the ladder of success. Through my writeups on my blogs and various other social media channels, I have explained the different ways to massage nonperforming planets and quadrants, but many people indulge themselves in burdensome rituals thinking those rituals are enough to propel their luck.”

Such people fail to understand that an effective karma correction is what is necessarily needed for achieving success. “In simpler words, many try to push the wall through mindless rituals without bothering to find a door through that wall which, needs an intelligent karma correction. A struggling business, dipping career, crumbling relationships, irritable temper, losing hope and those still struggling to find their niche may not have found the perfect balance between these two and should go for the correction because time may not be on their side,” ends Dr Bajrangi. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing online astrology consultation and personal meeting for all type of astrology predictions.