Expertise and Professional Approach

Expertise and Professional

Expertise & Professional way for Vedic Astrology Predictions. 

Generally we feel visiting an astrologer means some fee, revelations of certain Negative Doshas / Positive Yogas / planetry effects , start performing some rituals, astrological remedies, wear Gemstones & this is what vedic astrology predicitons means. But this is not what the Indian Astrology meant originally. Let me tell you all with authority that each Horoscope has Negative Doshas & Positive Yogas but the effects & results of both these depend on how we deal with them in our present life. So do not get scared of Negative Doshas Or get bragged with Positive Yogas.

What does Basic Vedic astrology predictions means 

I believe in the basic Indian Astrology which says that the positioning of planets in any horoscope are the direct result of one’s past life karmas ( DRIDH Karmas) therefore my analysis & advise lays emphasis on  this. These DRIDH Karmas are fixed & future is uncertain so astrology should focus on learning from the  past karmas ( good or bad)  implement required & forced corrections in our present karmas ( ADRIDH Karmas) & lay future path with certainity, Yes with certainity rather depending on the astrological predictions loaded with astrological remedies. This is little different than Western Astrology which  reads the present & future only.

My masters in engineering with perfect mathematical calculations & support from major branches of Ancient Indian Astrology like Parashari, Bhrigu, K.P, South Nadi, North Indian Techniques operated at tandem compliment and support my vedic astrology predictions.  The other expertises of Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Gemology, Graphology are applied as may be required in specific cases.


Birth time accuracy is essential for casting any astrological analysis & for giving accurate astrological predictions & guidance. For  readings only from D- 1 or Lagna chart, sometimes even an error of 2 hours may not matter but for  many charts e.g D – 60 Chart where the ascendant changes every minute, it is mandatory to be 100% sure of birth time accuracy.

People who are sure of their birth time but still facing issues in mainly career & business should consider getting their birth time rectification. .


I firmly believe that the Destiny is Pre-defined which even the Creator ( Brahma) cannot change so I prefer knowing birth details prior to the consultation for me to peep deep into the relevant D Charts & gathering clear perception of native’s Dridh Karmas & try to balance out the same through the Adridh Karmas ( of the present life)  &  these readings ( called Karma Korrection.) This Karma Korrection is a very important tool where I try to balance out your Jupiter which if operating lower, can give you dismayed hopes, unrealistic desires, highest level of optimism etc. I try & guide you how to balance out it to operate at optimum or higher levels.


With pre analysed horoscope , the time slot of consultation is optimised in the best manner with straight discussions on the main subject.


My 24 Years  experience leads me to focus on your Karma Korrection , work with you towards dissolution of the mains reasons causing the concern / anxiety at present . Tell you how could you improve your Adridh Karmas to mitigate the impact of flawed deeds of the past.  Blind following of unrealistic, commonly known rituals, astrological remedies, including Gemstones may not help you all the time but  small remedies with largely focussed Karma Korrection can yield better results. Learn more


My experience reveals some most complicated issues to be resolved astrologically which bear the impact on the native’s life for longer period are selection of Career, selection of profession, Business issues, Marriage chart matching,  Manglik Dosh astrology, post marital issues. 

You get lot of insights on these subjects on My Blogs  and my regular articles in Media & Press.