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Expertise & Professional way for Vedic Astrology Predictions 

I would start with why Astrology seems to be losing its sheen in present times despite being the most ancient & authentic science. Here it is not astrology as a science to be blamed, but people practicing astrology are to be blamed. It is because of this we see many questions floating around like: 

Should we believe astrology? 

Do astrological predictions really work? 

Why astrological predictions? 

How to judge who a good astrologer is? And likewise. 

Let us understand a few essential things about the method of Vedic astrology prediction. Most of us visit astrologers generally when one has miseries in life. In my opinion, one should consult an astrologer during good times also to keep the miseries at bay. Why? I will explain further. 

Now next and probably most important is that many of us may believe that visiting an astrologer means:

1. Astrologers will read adverse planets, negative doshas, twist some aspects of the planets, and suggest some rituals.

2. We will either perform those astrology remedies or wear some gemstones.

3. We are done with it.

This is not the fundamental basis of Vedic astrology.

Let me say, after two decades of practicing as a Vedic Astrologer, with authority, three main principles of Vedic Astrology. Read my different Interviews and stories in leading Newspapers & Magazines on how does astrology work in present times 

First, the Horoscope/birth chart is a well defined and structured document. It is a manifesto of our own Karmas of previous life based on which Lord Brahma allocates a specific birth chart to us. Once it is allotted to us, even Lord Brahma, the creator of the Birth Chart cannot change so forget if any astrologer in the world can change your horoscope. 

Second, each horoscope has both negative & positive planets, good Yogas, and Bad doshas. But none curses or blesses a person without maneuvering our Karmas. One should visit an astrologer to learn how to correct our Karmas to mitigate the impact of evil planets, planetary positions, and reap benefits from positives in the horoscope, rather than rushing to an astrologer how to fight with our miseries with some human made astrology remedies. Click on Negative planets can also give positive results to understand what I am trying to explain. If the horoscope comes from our deeds, then dealing with the horoscope also has to be karmic and not ritualistic.

Third and the most important aspect why astrological predictions fail is: when astrologers adopt short cuts in giving solutions. Short cut means giving astrological solutions only reading D-1 Chart, the Lagna Chart, than going deeper into the relevant divisional charts. Let us be clear there are specific divisional charts for each aspect of life. To explain it in a layman's language – the D-1 chart is like the Index of a book, and divisional charts are the actual & detailed descriptions of charts. Click on the basic principles of Vedic Astrology to read more about it.

How to make correct predictions in astrology?

I believe in the basic Indian Astrology, which says that the positioning of planets in any horoscope is the direct result of one's past life karmas ( Dridh Karmas); therefore, my analysis & advice lays emphasis on this. These Dridh Karmas are fixed as your past & future is not in your hand, so how can astrology help? That is where my methodology & expertise differs from many other top best astrologers. 

Astrology should focus on learning from the past karmas ( good or bad) implement required & force corrections in our present karmas ( ADRIDH Karmas). It will lay future path with certainty, Yes with certainty, depending on the astrological predictions loaded with astrological remedies. This is where Indian Vedic Astrology differs from Western Astrology, which reads the present & future only. My perception of Astrology is to deal with it in a Karmic way & not a ritualistic way. 

Essentials of a good astrologer – I think I have most of them

I have a Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology, Masters in Engineering for perfect mathematical calculations, & specific accreditations in major branches of Ancient Indian Astrology like Parashari, Bhrigu, K.P, South Nadi, North Indian techniques. All these theoretical exposures, supported with the practical experience of reading about 80000 horoscopes both Nationally and Internationally, make me a reliable Vedic Astrologer. My other expertises of Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Gemology, and Graphology are applied as required in specific cases.

What do I focus for accurate astrology predictions

Birth time accuracy  

I start with the basic rule of Vedic astrology: accurate birth time. Many people come with their birth time & date. But I find a large percentage of them have a difference in birth time of a few minutes. During the consultation, my first focus is to ensure that accurate birth time has not even an iota of doubts. Because it not only plays foul with the native but err my predictions and I get a bad reference 

Birth time accuracy is essential for casting any astrological birth chart & for giving accurate astrological predictions & guidance. For readings only from D- 1 or Lagna chart, sometimes even an error of 2 hours may not matter, but for many charts, e.g. D – 60 Chart where the ascendant changes every minute, it is mandatory to be 100% sure of birth time accuracy.

In case of any confusions or even people who do not have their exact birth time, many do not even know the date & Year of birth; I have birth time rectification expertise.

People who are sure of their birth time but still facing issues in mainly career & business should consider getting their birth time rectification. You can read more about how birth time rectification is done?

Pre-analysis of birth chart for Karma Correction 

I firmly believe that the Destiny is Pre-defined which even the Creator ( Brahma) cannot change so I prefer knowing birth details before the consultation for me to peep deep into the relevant D Charts & gathering clear perception of native's Dridh Karmas & try to balance out the same through the Adridh Karmas ( of the present life) & these readings ( called Karma Correction.) This Karma Correction is an essential tool where I try to balance out your Jupiter which, if operating lower, can give you dismayed hopes, unrealistic desires, the highest level of optimism, etc. I try & guide you on how to balance out it to operate at optimum or higher levels.

Past life readings 

Pre-analysis of birth chart with accurate birth details helps me to find out the co-relation of planetary position and past life deeds of a person as explained above. So in a way, in all consultation, I refer to a person's past life automatically. Very few astrologers do it, but I do not proceed without it. Many people even go for a past life reading. The concept of past life reading is more popular with my clients of Western Countries.

My expertise in giving astrology advice on human problems are explained in different segments of my website.

Check capability with the birth chart. Why should one decide on subject selection due to inheritance, because parents are doing, ongoing trends, family pressures, social status, and temporary temptation. Click on Selection of subject using astrology to read more on this subject.

All cannot be an employee, and all cannot do business. I check employee or employer Yoga before giving any suggestions regarding the selection of career. The same person can excel like an employee but fail drastically as an employer and in the same business. Click on Astrology for career selection for my expertise on career advice. 

I can tell you how would be your life partner, which direction, background your life partner will come from. This helps one to narrow down and refine the search for a perfect life partner. Click on Astrology for finding a life partner to know how I advise people to find a suitable life partner. 

You generally know planetary combinations for the delay in marriage. But I also focus on human reasons for causing a delay in marriage. Yes, your closest ones also sometimes become reasons for a delay in your wedding. Click on Astrology for delay in marriage to know all such reasons for delay in marriage.

I check overall compatibility factors in marriage than only believing in Gun Milan. People say 18 Gun matching is suitable for wedding, but I say less than 18 gun matching is no criterion for not marrying, and 32 or 34 Gun Milan is no guarantee for a successful marriage. The significance of marriage compatibility factors has increased over the time due to uplifting female's status in society than from the male dominating community. This holds good, especially in India. Click on what is perfect horoscope matching for marriage to read my expertise on matching charts for marriage.

Let me tell you over 50% of people who come to me thinking that they are Manglik are not Manglik, in fact. This is because examining Manglik dosh in a horoscope is totally different & elaborative than the orthodox method of checking Manglik dosh.

One business cannot be good for all. Else in a particular new business, why would new startups reach the heights and many settled businesses close. All cannot carry forward the parental business; else, many earlier-era business houses would not have vanished from the business scenario today. Click on Astrology for Success in business to know my expertise in advising on success in business.

Here my first focus is to evaluate whether it is advisable also to fight the court case or settlement is better. I do not recommend rituals to win the court cases but focus on karmic correction & diligence to fight the court cases & legal issues. Click on Court cases astrology to know my expertise in advising on legal matters.

Same way, I tell people how to avoid alcoholism than performing rituals to overcome alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addiction out of our karmas, so better diagnose the astrological reasons for alcoholism, get rid of those reasons than performing rituals.

The same way my expertise on all astrological predictions is to peep deep into your past life deeds, the impact of past life deeds on your birth chart and present life, how to modify your karmas. Of course if to get rid of any accumulated effects, some astrology remedies are required, I do recommend it. But here also, my perception is that astrology remedies will not help without the element of Karma Correction. You may listen to my Video on Karma Correction.

Still, for any specific guidance, you can always reach me for:

Online report – I strongly ask people to set aside the mechanized Online report, unless Astrologer has given his/her manual & practical expertise before handing it over to you.

Direct consultation