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Effective Dhana Yogas

Dhana Yogas

The Lagna and the 9th house are connected in any manner. The Lagna lord must be powerful and the 9th lord should be in his own or exaltation sign identical with a quadrant or trine. This Yoga is known as Lakshmi Yoga. Variations of it include the mutual association of the Lagna lord and the 9th lord, the 9th lord in a trine or quadrant or exalted while Lagna lord is also well-disposed and a slightly different version occurring when the 9th lord and Lagna lord being in own or exaltation signs are in quadrants or trines. That means, if the Lagna lord and 9th lord are related but with reference to Dustanas, the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, the Yoga may be said to be proportionately diffused.

The Lagna lord in the 2nd, the 2nd lord in the 11th and 11th lord in the 2nd is a very effective Dhana Yoga.

The Lagna lord, being strong, should occupy a Kendra in conjunction with Jupiter and the 2nd lord should join Vaiseshikamsa.

The lord of the sign in which the Lagna lord is placed in Navamsa should be strong and join a quadrant or a trine from the 2nd lord or should occupy his own or exaltation sign.

The 2nd lord should occupy a quadrant or trine from the 1st lord or the 2nd, being a benefic should be either in deep exaltation or in conjunction with an exchanged signs.

Irrespective of the Dhana Yogas, 2 basic factors have been noticed in almost all cases of financial success. One, the Ascendant lord is invariably powerful, and occupies either a Kendra or a Kona or a sign of strength. Alternately, the Moon should be strong either sign-wise or house-wise or through Pakshabala.

The second factor is a powerful 9th house. The 9th is the house of good fortune and if the Lagna is strong enough, the 9th house factors get intertwined with qualities of industry, caution, acumen in helping one to make the most of available opportunities.