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Basic principles of Vedic Astrology 

Many interviews & brand stories on principles of Vedic Astrology of Dr Vinay Bajrangi on the relevance of Vedic astrology in present times are published in leading print media like Hindustan Times , Outlook India, Times of India, अमर उजाला etc. Links for some of these stories are given below.

Also you can read his weekly columns in India Today, HT City, HT Cafe, Bombay Times, Times of India, Dainik Jagran on relevance of Vedic Astrology in present time

Interviews in OUTLOOK INDIA.

1. Why Kundli Matching/ Matching Of Charts Fail Sometime?

2. Career Selection using astrology - Career Predictions

3.  Astrology for Business Ideas

4.  Astrology for business During Covid-19 Times

5.  Why should we believe in Astrology 

6.  Should we believe in Daily horoscopes

7.  Who can be the best business astrologer

8.  Top Best Astrologers In India

9.  Marriage Astrology – How Will Be My Married Life?

10. Birth Time Rectification

Brand Stories in Hindustan Times

1. The mantra for happiness 

2. From Zero to Hero, and Hero to Zero

3. Why do Indians,lag behind westerners 

4. Astrology for success in business 

5. Secrets of business success in your birth chart 

6. Do astrologers tell the truth

7. Does astrology work - if yes then why astrological predictions fail 

8. How to read a birth chart 

9. Use Astrology as a guide - not fate changer 

10. How does Saturn affect our lives.By Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

11. How can astrology be taken to the next level of perfection

12. Use the negative yogas to your advantage”.By Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.

13. How to take benefits from horoscope 

14. Importance of Horoscope

Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran 

1. आईना कही आपका दुश्मन न बन जाए

2. कुंडली खोलेगी जन्म का राज

3. शुक्र का राशि परिवर्तन

4. कुंडली से जानें क्या, कैसे और कितनी पढ़ाई करेगी आपकी संतान

5. राखी और राशि का रंग-डॉ. विनय बजरंगी

6. पितरों से जुड़ा क़र्ज़ बनाता है कंगाल

7. सूर्य के राशि परिवर्तन पर प्रभाव

8. होने वाला जीवनसाथी कितना देगा साथ