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Mastering All Aspects of Ancient Astrology

Ancient Astrology

Ht City Delhi 24.12.17- Mastering All Aspects of Ancient Astrology

Bhrigu astrology gives snapshot predictive results with a broad insight into every domain of life. Parashar astrology is more comprehensive of the two which if applied in an exhaustive manner is capable of giving precise prediction with accurate timing of the events that are predicted. Asthakvarga is again a branch of Parashar astrology which if mastered is a standalone art of prediction which is a beautiful method of fine prediction.

Jamini Sutram, a rare technique of Vedic ancient takes ages to master as ninety percent of its literature stands lost. Krishnamurthy Paddyati is a comparatively new approach towards Vedic astrology but to master, it again needs quite a while. The other most important style of predicting life events is the south Indian Nadis. There are many Nadis or processes for evaluating a birth chart, but only about twelve are in vogue for now. These are hard to translate as few are in Tamil and rest in Malayalam. Those who master Nadis are snapshot astrologers who are the master readers of the past. 

Every technique as illustrated above needs ages with an able Guru to master. There are not many who could boast of mastering two to three of the above-mentioned techniques. A complete Vedic astrologer capable of providing solutions to all sought of problems is the one, who masters all the above techniques of Bhrigu , Parashar astrology, KP, Nadi, Jamini Sutram & like wise as then only, he can easily switch between techniques when one technique falls short answering a question ably.

I, with obeisance to Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman, am a tutee of all the above branches of Hindu Vedic astrology for the last twenty years. With a few Doctorates as a facsimile of my achievements, with papers of my new research papers being adopted as new "SUKTAM", I feel blessed by all the Rishis responsible for sowing the seeds of astrology.

A true astrologer is the one who can ably read the horoscope amalgamating the SUTRAS to the present day scenario. I read the horoscopes to guide you for the future while implementing Karma Korrection. Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing online astrology consultation and personal meeting for all type of astrology predictions. Read more on his website and blogs.