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Ht City Delhi 17.12.17- Get the right guidance to succeed in business

Eighty percent of the new startups perish in the first year of their opening, registering total losses. Fifty percent of the remaining twenty percent wind up in their second year. Additionally, plenty many keep on closing in the subsequent years after suffering losses. These closures hit the pocket hard with a destroyed mental grit. Success in business is not everyone's cup of tea. Many enthusiasts to make a better kill, shift from Job to business to repent later for what they did. But we do have an astrological answer to this through a systematic reading of the horoscope. 

The first step toward judging of the horoscope is to read the source of livelihood and the potency of  Dhan , Wealth Yoga, and the mode through which these would fructify i.e. through a job OR success in business. After these readings:

  • Firstly it has to be ascertained whether or not the horoscope has a potentially good yoga or combination for entering into business line and
  • Secondly whether or not the horoscope has an active destruction yoga.

Once the horoscope is evaluated for these two things, the comparison of strength between these two Yogas is carried out to find out which would happen when. After ascertaining the above points, the other finer points like:

  • The type of trade suitable,
  • Compatibility with the partners,
  • Timing to commence the business are studied.
  • It is also seen by what time the yield out of the business shall remain not so great.
  • A separate calculation allows the native to know the place most suitable for executing the business with the international connections.

There are few other cautions which can really make a substantial difference like "Name" of the business entity, running the business in which name and correct Vastu of the premises.

If the horoscope is read properly with fine-tuning it with the above-mentioned add-ons, one can really prosper in his endeavors. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.