Cope with a stagnant career and job loss with Vedic astrology

Job Loss

How can Career Horoscope & Career Astrology help you as per Vedic astrology

Scary! The market is trending this way, and such brutal is the time that all future monetary plans including the retirement plan fail. Elders tend to become expensive for the market. On the one hand, they seem like hard learners and on the other hand, non-skillful listeners. Those who would mock their sluggish seniors are themselves going to be in rough waters that too petty early.
Those who feel this flutter down their belly,  try multitude things like continually upgrading their skills, upgrading their academics, changing jobs or start thinking of some business but all these activities still fail to cool their nerve.
Mr. Rohit Sachdev (name changed) a computer science graduate of 22 years working as a senior manager/team leade since 15 years in a reputed organization, is not assigned an assignment for nearly eight months now. Although he was getting his salary on a regular basis but still out of sheer anxiety, he met an astrologer who assured him that he wouldn't be losing his job. But the horoscope reader could not read something of importance that was there but not asked. And that was no promotion, stagnant salary, no project-based incentive (main feature of his job) and consequently leading to exhaustion of family savings, creeping on to those funds that were for children, nervous selling of stocks and assets and the most important one, he would be compromising on the educational institute of his child who was graduating his school soon. 
Career astrology or career horoscope in Vedic astrology play very vital role with holistic evaluation of the horoscope to judge the actual capabilities of a person. Career astrology or career horoscope reveal all about career & convert all " this can" or " this will: to "this has to & how". Orthodoxical reading coupled with an insight into the functioning of the modern times is what the astrologers’ lack. A Doctorate which enables an astrologer to re-contour the path from "this will" to "how to" is the need of the hour. Contact Dr Vinay Bajrangi for love astrology, astrology reading online. Read more on his