HT CITY Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

27.5.2018 - Gems: Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.

For many, wearing gemstones is astrology and many among those who think so,  junk astrology solely because they find it hard to believe that mere putting on stones could favourably propel a planet. Invoking divine intervention through gems is just one of the many thousands of methods propagated in therapeutic astrology, but it commands priority to others as it is a lazy man’s way to riches. How these little marvels work is a matter of debate, but it is believed that the Sun’s energy passing through these gems into the human body invokes such capabilities in the individual that he effortlessly minimises his pending Karmas. Gemstones are believed to enhance the powers of even the Gods. Therefore every  gemstone is attributed to some God. History, too, is witness to many tales which describe that mere possessions of gemstones have turned the fate of its possessors. The first point to understand about gems is that it is the icing over a cake and not the cake, which means that it can enhance the Yogas in a horoscope rather than creating one.  The second point is that it has to be worn with utmost care as it is a catalyst which can enhance the yoga in either direction, i.e., negative or positive. The third point to remember is that most of the Yogas in a horoscope do not require any gems for them to fructify. The fourth point is, an otherwise favourable gem may not be delivering goodies because gem deactivates rather quickly. The fifth point is that the people who strengthen their weak, fallen, debilitated and Dasha planets through gems are following wrong practices as it may not be essential to enhance their ability at all and last point is that it is a task to find a faultless (A-khandit) piece. Last Sunday, I had penned down the astrological connect in choosing an investment that does not doom, and my next write-up will enlighten those who restrict themselves from any astrological readings because they do not have their correct birth time. Connect with me at or dial 9278665588, 9278555588