Astro help for favourable results in court cases

Results In Court Cases

Sixth House in astrology tells all about results in court cases

Last Sunday I penned for those who get bitten at ninety-nine. From the response, it appeared as if many face the identical problem of getting masticated by fate on the verge of success. My blog on this issue explaining astrological effects elaborately as to why we miss success at the last minute was well received also.  Today I like to touch upon another menace of Court cases. The most intriguing house in a horoscope is presumably the sixth house in astrology which has the dual distinction of simultaneously being a good as well as a bad house.  Apart from being an Upachaya (Growth) house, it is a house of debts, courts, and diseases also. When activated sixth house in astrology bestows a native with immense growth with wealth but if negatively activated it can trigger unending court cases which could be one's greatest fear and point of a debacle.

The sixth house in horoscope, the placement of its lord and the planets associated with this house gives a fair indication of the amount of nagging one could get because of these court cases. The beauty of the horoscope lies on the fact that it not only tells about the circumstances which could trigger the court case(s) but also gives a reasonable idea as to how and when the native could come out of this irksome problem. I have seen people believing in performing several rituals before attending courts, but what they do not know is that their horoscope has the key to all answers. The strength of the opponent, the ability & the intentions of lawyers of either side and the eventual fate of the case, all of these are interwoven in the horoscope of the native. This horoscope also gives an idea of how to manipulate these planets and thus the people to get the favorable results. A person's true colors you see when you meet him in court, avoid that.  My blog Court Case solutions intricately explains how these planets are manipulated for desired results.Many under sheer ignorance or otherwise are bullheadedly terming most natives as MANGLIK (under Martian influence). I will try to bust this myth in my next Sunday's article. Dr Vinay Bajrangi a vedic astrologer for all type of astrological predictions & astrology reading online. Read more on his blogs.