6.5.2018 Dr. Vinay Bajrangi Reveals Early Signs Of A Business Collapse:

Sometimes, the much envied fighting qualities of a native sometimes push him to such a point from where it becomes impossible for him to come back.  However firm may be the belief of the native in him, still, if any of the following seven points have silently crept in his business, it is the time when an ear has to be given to the divine messages conveyed by the planets.
Mercury gives the first early indications when the books and records are purposely not maintained and updated. The second alarm bell is Saturn's when the Taxes are long overdue, and also becomes the last of the priorities to be dealt. 
Mercury-Saturn combines to point towards the unpaid wages of the worker. This third burdensome point activates when considerable amount lies due. It indicates that the mechanism has started cracking. The imbalanced Jupiter points towards the fourth point. Here the creditors are paid outside of the credit terms, or the things are borrowed without even seeing its value and amount of interest. The fifth trigger is Sun's, here the bank overdraft limit exceeds, and non-payment of dues becomes a notion. 
The sixth caution is when Moon-Mars activates. The sign is, the cheques of the supplier/creditors get Dishonored on a regular basis, and the relationship with them gets strained due to a history of delay in payments.
Sun-Saturn combines to throw the seventh caution.  The resultant is the Legal cases because of ill-functioning of the business. All these things push the native to the wall and therefore all the business running capabilities, if at all the native has, crumble. If any or a combination of these seven points have started haunting a native, any business plans will not take any shape.
A Vastu check can apply on the premises from where the business operates. A Poorly maintained premise with the hygiene issue also indicates a rotting business. Timely intervention with proper massaging of Planets in the right karmic ways can prevent disasters from happening. I correct the Karmas and rectify the defects. Connect with me at or call 9278665588 or 9278555588