Astrological Mistakes

29.4.2018 Eight Common Astrological Mistakes Which Collapse A Business:

This article is the extension of my business article of last Sunday. My emphasis here will be to preach simple Astro-correcting methods to be applied to oneself so that one aligns himself to become a full recipient of his karmic fruits. The first of the eight mistakes is of not getting the horoscope evaluated for the potency of the business Yoga. Mind you that every horoscope has an almost clear indication of an employee Yoga or an employer Yoga. The second common slip is to start a business in some others name when own horoscope has been ruled out for business pursuits. If the Karta has been ruled out, it is his skills that are insufficient.   
 The third oversight is a partnership. The extent of involvement of a partner for the success of the business is to be seen. A partner may or may not be suitable for the success of a business outing.  The horoscope gives a fair amount of indication in this aspect. The forth slip revolves around the timing, a capable individual having a business yoga in his horoscope may start his business at a wrong time whereby inflicting a non-recoverable loss in his outing. If this aspect is taken care of, a majority of the business Yogas will flourish. 
The fifth error is incurring non-manageable debts. Many tempted individual venture to the point of no return, they get heavily indebted with no sign of managing the repayable amount. The sixth false move is to indulge in business that is not recommended by the chart. Shastiamsha (D-60) has a clear indication of the type of business one should follow.
The seventh error is complacency of handling a family business, and the eighth oversight is not naming the company as per the karmic Nakshatra phonic sound. Contentment fails family business whereas not naming the business correctly will diminish the energy of the Karma Nakshatra and hence the business results.  You may be a master of initiating and running a business but let the stars to play a symphony for you. I, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can help connect at or call 9278665588 or 9278555588.