20.5.2018 - See how easily you can gain from investments.
 Earn you may but save you may not and those who manage to save, investing the earnings wrongly may trigger a financial storm which could be hard to handle. And therefore earning sufficiently and investing those earning wisely may be the two sides of the same coin but are managed by different Bhavs (Houses) and Karakas (Doers) in a horoscope. Those who have an excellent Dhan yoga may earn sufficient amount of money, but they may mess up while investing that money. 
Some lose money in shares whereas some others gain out of it. Some earn through properties whereas for some investing in properties is always painful. Did you ever wonder why these phenomena are? 
This secret to it, although not that very hard, needs a master to decode. A comprehensive analysis of different divisional charts of an individual facilitates in picking up those planets that influence the investments houses of the horoscope negatively. Here is a quick glimpse as to how the planets behave.
If an imbalanced Moon afflicts the wealth flourishing house; the native may be tempted to invest purely on emotions and peer pressure. If Mars is afflicting the significations and houses of investment, the native underestimate the real cost of investments and may buckle under more demands of funds on the same investments later on.  Sun when turns ugly, force the native to invest heavily in things the government later confiscates. An imbalanced Jupiter rub the investments houses to make the native over-invest leaving him with no fund for his other necessary chores. If Mercury afflicts the investment house ,a native may never take the due diligence in his investment. An adequately read horoscope can timely caution the native and prevents him from loosing his earnings. 
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