Correct Your Past Karma For a better Life

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Ht City 22.10.17- Correct Your Past Karma For a better Life

Hindusim is the only religion in the world which believes in rebirth with the basis that the Karma of the previous lives affects an individual in the present life and likewise, very simply the Karmas of present life are bound to impact the next life. Vedanganas, the branch of Vedas from where Jyotisha originates speaks of something which is not well grasped by most astrologers and that is the transit of Jeewa. 

Jeewa or the Atma travels from one life to the another reaping what it had sowed in the previous births In the same manner this Jeewa travels in an individual from one year to the another passing the results of previous year karmas to the present year and simultaneously accumulating the present karma for fructifying it in the years to come. 

The inheriting meaning of these Vedic scriptures here is that one who faults in his karmas and does nothing to rectify them; his subsequent years are going to be disastrous as he has to reap the results of his erroneous karmas of the previous years.

Karma Korrection is the answer to this; know what wrong you do, know what results any actions bequeath on to you. Know the way out of the maze where you are stuck; know the exact sense of your karmic journey. These all answers get imbedded in the horoscope and one needs a good astrological eye to decode them.

The Karma Korrection theory reads the horoscope of all its positives and negatives and modulate it with the present movement of stars ( Gochar) and the asterism Dashas and foresee what exact karmas are going to trouble you in the future and if you are troubled right now, what karmas have forced this and what Korrection has to be applied.

Blindly following heavy rituals, without even knowing for what they have been suggested has no meaning. Come out of it, go of karma Korrection or remain stuck in the mire. May be we had some bad karmas in our last birth which is a past now but atleast in the present life, we should do our Karma Korrection at the right time to improve  rest of the years to come & more importantly before our this present becomes past & we again become helpless. Lets astrology as a Scientific tool bless you with its wonderful concept rather forced to adopt orthodox rituals, gemstones etc. Connect with  Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.