Astrological complexities simplified through simple karma korrections

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Why and how astrological predictions go wrong. 

A marriage fails even after so called matching of horoscopes, a business backfires even after going with what the horoscope says, a court case is lost even after a positive prediction of its outcome. There may have been numerous chances when the direction shown by the astrologer was found not be perfect. In these cases is it right to blame the astrologer, the answer is a big NO.

An astrologer predicts the outcome with the set of knowledge he possess. The vast spread of astrological erudition is not easily available and one has to dig deep to get the relevant knowledge which is scattered with very little idea where and what to look for. This problem becomes more peculiar when very few are ready to part with the marvels of knowledge they have, and resultantly the society gets an abundant supply of ordinary astrologers to quench their thirst for astrological intervention for their woes.

When marriage compatibility is just thought to be “Guna matching” with a very vague but detrimental idea for “Manglik Dosha” , we are set to get the matching wrong . When the yoga for business is just seen through D-1 charts and other things like zeal, ability, what to chose etc are not counter matched from D-10, D-12 and D-60 charts, we are bound to fall to predictions. When the strength of Lagna is not seen from the D-30 and D-36 charts and the prediction for a winning a court case is broadcasted, the reading and faith on astrology goes seriously down.

The essence of Astrological predictions is to minutely study the chats and the “Vedh” or perforation which are read through the other relevant SHODASH VARGA.

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