Hidden qualities

03-12-17 DR VINAY BAJRANGI writes for HINDUTAN TIMES on 03.12.2017 - Know the hidden qualities of an individual Astrologically

Deceit breaks relationships; dishonesty dents an organization; selfishness loosens trust; lies rotten images. One may not want a deceitful partner at all, as that can bring an abrupt end to any relationship. Those who face severe conflicts in their relationship, suspicion of cheating always dominates the cause. How would it be when there is a barometer which could gauge the quantum of fraudulence? Astrology when applied by someone capable, can easily deduce this trait of a native and thus the state of continual confusion and suspicion could be laid to rest.

Hiring of personals at key posts and depending heavily on them, is inevitable for most of the organizations, but these indispensible and inevitable persons sometimes give a hard time to the organization. Sometimes they pass on crucial details to the competitors, desert the company at some crucial moment or cheat making the organization weak and at times collapse. Hiring these persons on just the basis of their resume can prove fatal; astrology here helps in identifying the correct person for those crucial posts. Many organizations, which have faced such type of problem in the past, opt for these astrological services through which deceptive persons are put at bay.

Relying too heavily and showering all sought of emotions on an individual while ignoring some other, may prove to be a disastrous decision as it may prove with time that one has become a emotional fool on the hands of someone smarter.  Astrology here can really check the emotional quotient of one with respect to another and can clearly throw a sign of caution if something untoward is seen for person in question. Siblings, children, friends, love-mates all need to address this issue before it is too late.

A habitual liar is also headache. The belief crumbles and so is the relationship when you are destined to be associated with a fabricator. It is not hard to identify this trait in a native and correct down the traits with some simple remedies.

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