Keep a Date with Your Astrologer for Timely Alarms

malefic yoga

Ht City Delhi 25.03.18- Keep a Date with Your Astrologer for Timely Alarms

What does a malefic yoga in horoscope foretell? Does it indicate an occurred event or it forewarn an event to happen? The beauty here is that both these premises are correct, but the concern here is that people turn to an astromancer only when the adverse event has taken place, and the repercussions are hard to combat.

A competent horoscope analyst can read the possible adverse events of future and make the native alter and chose the path which is not that negative but on the contrary is positive as the negative Yogas have cautioned the person to deviate the path he was trying to follow. These negative Yogas which people vary about are siren and alarms which if read correctly can push the fortunes of the native up.

Now have a look at these, probably you may recall people involved; a flourishing sporting career with loads and loads of promise gets snubbed by a close relative. Mammoth political backup still fails to launch a meek personality. Multi-million businesses come to a staggering halt with an added fear of Government and imprisonment. Glittering career which people made envious suddenly burst; royal marriages with all hooplas fail and the partner files for alimony. These are a few examples in which the fate of the native has turned turtle whereas the horoscope was pointing frantically towards the building of disaster.  

Most astrological faculties would answer in affirmative when enquired about the indications of this complete turnaround in the native life. But most will falter when enquired about an appropriate process to monitor this kind of negativity beforehand or before it takes place. It indeed needs a skillful master who could command the ship of life.

But wait! Let not the time pass, and the life reaches beyond a point of no return. Once the sins are committed beyond the threshold capacity of the native, then the heaven is sure to get loose on him. So it is always better to keep up a periodic date with your astrologer so that you do not set your wrong foot forward at any point in time. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi best Jyotish for love astrology and free astrology. Read more on his blogs.