21-01-18 Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Get the astrological advantage.

Positive Yogas in a horoscope propel the native to achieve heights. A good business yoga boosts the business prospects, a harmonized marriage yoga lets the native enjoy a full filled life, a first-rate education Yogas lets the native scale literacy heights, a stupendous kids yoga gives exceptional children. A native enjoys whichever good Yogas that the Almighty bestows on to them.

A proverb in Hindi says “beneath every burning lamp is darkness”, and this stands true for these magnificent Yogas as well. The intrinsically negative planets lay close to these Yogas in a manner similar to a beast waiting for its prey behind the bush.  An extravagant step and we see a business empire tumbling,  a for granted taken argument dissolving a marriage of twenty years, a wrong subject selection ends losing many valuable years,  over pampered resulting in spoiled grown up.

In view of this, it becomes essential for those who are doing rather well in their endeavors for now, as this becomes the right time to diagnose the horoscope of all its pitfalls.  Although the number of people visiting an astrologer who has already fallen in the trap is much higher than those who come to get the right direction in their good times, there are ways to again reestablish their lost glories.

Those who see astrology with a skeptic’s eye are the first one to visit an astrologer to recondition their life when repeated failure looms large on to them. For those who are swinging non-believers, your horoscope also tells about the Karmic way you can succeed. A small karma correction, implementing a small adoptable preaching, tiny corrections in the way of working, a petite change in way of understanding can really keep all those negative stars at bay, who otherwise would not mind putting you in the most precarious of the situations.

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