What the ancient seers saw is completely misunderstood by the present day astrologers when they associate fear and contempt with Rahu & Ketu, the shadowy planets. Their power to engulf or to cast an eclipse on the visible Gods of the sky i.e. the Sun & the Moon, is one of the most obvious reason to categorize them as defeatist planets. In fact Rahu, the karmic inlet point, represents knowledge whereas the karmic outlet point which is Ketu stands for liberation.

Rather than using them for our benefit, we under gratuitous fear mistakably try and restrict their activities by indulging ourselves in multifarious rituals. A fine placement of these nodes of life in a horoscope is nothing less than a boon, but a purportedly ill placement also can be utilized to the benefit, had the concept of augmentation with their help was understood by us astrologers. 

Rahu is always concerned about the future and Ketu is always concerned about the past and in between the Karmic churning of thyself happens which yields divine nectar but our position in the God-demon queue decides whether we are the recipient of it or not. This positioning of the individual through the Rahu- Ketu is the known as Karmic balancing or Karma Korrection.

A real giver Rahu loads an individual with higher level of intellect, aggression, revolutionary ideas, schemer, compassion, diplomatist tendencies and futurist thoughts. Negative moon is Rahu’s other name because the above qualities can negatively rise when the lower principles of it operate.  

Similarly the lower principles of Negative Sun, which is Ketu, when operates calmness  gives way to disorientation, balance in life gives way to extremes, intense concentration gets converted to being a loner, the strong likes become dislikes, spiritualism gets converted to hypocrisy.

These negativities of the lunar nodes if remain unchecked, hell can let loose. So, why wait for them to cast a shadow on to you when they can really help in pushing the favorableness of every planet in the horoscope. 

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