Karma Tricone: Know About Astrological Balancing

Karma Tricone

Ht City Delhi 18.03.18- Karma Tricone: Know About Astrological Balancing

There is a power triangle (Karma Tricone) in a horoscope which ideally should be equilateral, but practically it is not. The three sides of it are the Willpower, Knowledge power and the Action power. Practically the triangle sways to one or two sides thereby misbalancing it. A balancing act of this Karma Tricone is the Karma correction, and an accomplished guru is needed to achieve it.

When the goal seems to be right, the efforts could be the best and the intent unquestionable and still the success allures. When the target is just a hand away, triumph just a sniff away and all roads leading to glory suddenly get blocked, and the dream gets washed, then there is a need to check this power triangle.

The business, one started maybe right, but the timing may make that work erroneous. One may have selected the perfect job for himself, but still there may be a stitch or two that has to be taken care of, the investments one chose to do may be perfectly right, but even it might not give the desired result, and the seemingly right marital match may be gasping for breath. The verdict is clear; you have glitched up the Karma-Tricone. You did not choose to activate the right planets at an unerring time and in a precise manner.

The Vedanga describes the balance of Bharma (Knowledge), Vishnu (Will) and Shiva ( Action) as the Karma Tricone and this trinity is blessing those who taste success often. No one else than a perfect astrologer can let you know that which planet has to be activated at what point of time and with what efforts. It is not about the rituals but the perfect Karma correction techniques which when applied with perfection can give the cherished results.

Do not activate your karma planet in the wrong way. Get what is eluding you or could elude you. A perfect reading is what matters. It is better to call once than to read a hundred times. Asserts Dr Vinay Bajrangi best Jyotish  providing free astrology predictions through his blogs published on his website.