Improve property prospects through your own karma corrections


Ht City Delhi 17.09.17- Improve property prospects through your own karma corrections

A beginning with a planned end in mind is what most tries to sketch out but fate has a nasty habit of turning dreams into nightmares. A well knit property plan which takes care of the desires, finances, present market scenario and risks of future is what all intelligently map but few succeed and reap a bountiful of properties.

Fate stumbles all, some find the investments wrong, few others get relocated, and the project halts of few others and thus the most cherished dream to own a dwelling unit comes crashing down.

Who would want to land in as situation where there is a little hope to get the possession of the unit he purchased but he got tied to the relentless EMIs.  A well read and experienced astrologer can help by reading many forth coming precarious situations which one would face in immediate future and can also guide the safe steps to be followed to avoid those and more importantly the corrective measures to be applied. The tricky maze of relentless future could be tamed by a Vedic study of the horoscope for the following points:

  • How strong is the property Yoga?
  • How well managed is the debt yoga.
  • Is there a yoga to reside in own home.
  • The number of properties that could be owned.
  • Whose name suits the most to attribute the property to?
  • What time is right to go for the property?
  • The potency of the parental or ancestral property yoga.
  • The right time to dispose of the property.
  • How safe is the property from unruly tenants.
  • Any eviction scares in the near future.
  •  Is there any property appreciation Jackpot yoga.
  • Caring cost of the property viz a viz its procurement cost.

Now a ray of hope for those who have heroically ventured into property matters and are now feeling the heat of misjudgment. There are precise methods to evaluate the concerned horoscopes of the individual and paths which suits best for him can be suggested. There is always a possibility to work out a path of least risk and resistance which offers minimal loss and if worked out correctly can give bountiful reap. Dr Vinay Bajrangi with HQ at Sector 66 Noida,  an accomplished Vedic astrologer cum Karma Korrector, Doctorate in Astrology science, master of Parshari, Brighu, Nadis helps people by changing their perception about astrology from an orthodox legacy to modern & scientific Karma Korrections. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.