Ht City Delhi- 15.04.18- Understand the difference between fate and desire:

Sometimes a long pending wish materializes, some other times dreams do not take long to bear fruits. But the most agonizing moments are those when a sure shot event fails to happen or when a calculated move fumbles. Whatsoever be the result, the fate of the native takes the praise or the blame.

The Almighty has however kept a balance between the fate, will and free will of the native. He has bestowed on us humans specific tools through which the native could play with his stars and make things happen as per his will.

Saturn is the Judge among planets; His transit over the natal horoscope confers fate, i.e., the native gets the results as per the karma accumulated by him over the time, and one cannot alter it with whatever rituals. Jupiter is the granter of all boons and the guru among the planets. Jupiter often bestows what the native perspires and wishes.  Jupiter's transit over the horoscope rewards the native with instantaneous booty which is known as free will.

It is fundamentally vital to understand the difference between fate and the freewill which separates through a fragile layer. Often we try hard to make those things happen that are governed by fate, and we fail miserably as Saturn never budges. And some other time the freewill is there to be plucked but our mess-up with Saturn had been so intense that the opportunity of freebies slips away from our hands.

An accomplished astrologer is the one who can let the native realize this difference of fate and free will, and helps the native to understand what and when to strive for it. Many blessed souls falter in their endeavors because either they lack in having an excellent guide for them or fail because of high headedness (Saturn's lasting effect).

The whole concept is to correct the karma and direct the native in the direction of least resistance. Those who willfully incite all Gods for the fulfillment of their desire should understand the art to strike a balance between Saturn (Fate) and Jupiter (freewill). Let me help you out, contact with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.