Karma Korrection Says To Improve Your Married Life

Married life issue

Ht City Delhi - 12.08.17- Karma Korrection Says To Improve Your Married Life

Horrendous past married life issues could creep in this life too and that can go a long way even impacting children. Raise your children the wrong way and spoil your karmas. This means if   marriage is not doing well, its negativity radiates to kin or kids which spoils the karmas for this and the after lives.

It is always preferred to match the charts of prospective couple before the marriage which should not just be the GUN MILAN but the VEDIC COMPREHENSIVE MILAN. A vedic comprehensive matching is to see marriage compatibility from many angels like sexual compatibility, mental compatibility, age compatibility, financial compatibility, match for mutual respect , match for respecting of family values for both and charts should be checked for longevity of marriage in addition  to the traditional GUN MILAN.

 For those where the marriage happened without matching and its failure is brewing, an in-depth analysis of the charts can be done to evaluate the astro problem and its likely solution.

There are many fixable problems like foremost restoring the mutual trust, handling family issues, inability to communicate or understand, lack of respect, and expecting your spouse to change to improve on marriage compatibility & longevity.  The fixation of these problem depends upon understanding the chart of relationships, D-9, charts of children, D-7, chart of Happiness, D-16, and the chart of prosperity D-60. The egoistic planets are massaged, the supporting planets are strengthened periodically in their Dashas and transits and the results thus achieved are overwhelming. There are many recipients of good karma generated from a saved marriage. A couple of sessions and each sessions followed by some simple but effective remedial measures is all what is required to enrich the relationship the Karma Korrection way.

So what is the remedy for those whose charts  do not match the comprehensive vedic way yet they wish to tie the knot, it is a simple pre-marriage astro counselling session with both the prospective partners. Here they are explained the possible reasons for the fall out of the marriage which they have not imagined even. A broad list of Do’s and Don’ts is explained and handed over to them for strict compliance to avoid married life issues. A willing couple draws sufficient positivity with these sessions and the possibility of a long and happy married life thus emerges. Dr Vinay Bajrangi with HQ at Sector 66 Noida,  a Doctorate in Astrology science, master of Parshari, Brighu, Nadis with his regular case based researches resolves all such matters quite effectively through your own Karma Korrections. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.