Pitra Dosha


Lord Bharma has Himself asserted that once he engraves the positioning of stars in any horoscope, even He cannot reposition them. "If the creator cannot then no ritual could," no rituals are therefore potent enough to wipe off a ‘Pitra Dosha’ from a horoscope.    

But Pitra Dosha if present then depending upon its positioning in the horoscope, it can force an individual to mess up his finances. It can throw a career in disarray; it may curtail a family and not let kids live, it may disturb upon the studies, it may delay marriage or never make it happen, and few other untoward things may occur which may rattle an individual.

Those who believe that by mere visiting a "Tirth" or by undergoing burdensome rituals they have done enough to mitigate its effect, they should think again, the Pitra Dosha has not left their horoscope. They will have to turn to Lord Vishnu for obeisance and seek from Him the right karma which could negate the effect of this dreaded ‘Dosha.' Let me give you a glimpse of it.

A blemished Sun, in a horoscope, gives rise to ‘Pitra Dosha.' If this 'Dosha' relates to the eleventh house, it will show its effect on maintaining a steady income, ritualistically not much can be achieved but advocating these persons to work as an employee where they entitle themselves for fixed salary at a particular time greatly minimizes its effect. But the ‘Pitra Dosha' would not let these persons settle; they would be attracted more often to start their business which eventually collapses.

A ‘Pitra Dosha' of the seventh house can delay or deny the marriage. Those having this ‘Dosha' would delay their marriage for non-appropriative reasons pushing themselves to the brink of a non-marriageable age. If diagnosed early these people should be advocated to marry early and should not be allowed to set non-realistic goals.

The height barrier stands before an underpass to prevent passage of vehicles beyond a particular height and likewise 'Pitra Dosha' rises before an activity which could be hazardous. Do not try to wipe this barrier out; there are more straightforward methods, get connected to the master, contact Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer for online astrological consultation. Read more on his blogs.