post marriage astrological

07-01-18 Post marriage astrological solution by Dr.Vinay Bajrangi.

Have you heard of VIVAH KARAKA MARDAN? Most have not. It is post-marriage astro treatment to disturbed marriages. Marriages often enter rough waters when horoscopes are either not matched or just Gun Milan is done for matching the charts without comprehensive matching which is called "Poorna Vedic Milan".

The Vivah Karaka Mardan or VKH is an absolute solution for those couples whose marriage is either not working or is on the verge of breaking. Astrologically VKH is massaging of those Karakas or factors, which are responsible for smooth running of the marriage. It is seen that ill-placed karaka in the Lagna chart or Navamsha chart creates turbulence in marriage and if not tamed can really pose havoc. Massaging Venus and Jupiter, the Karaka of marriage is the most important technique of VHS.   

Past life reading also facilitates VKH, as it gives an insight into the gravity of bad karmas of the previous lives. A prominent factor which is studied through VKH is pointing out those relatives, the overindulgence of whom also plays a spoilsport.  VKH also reviews other marriage disturbing factors such as suspicion, extramarital affairs, lifestyle difference, respect, love, bond, income.

By examining all these things and correlating it with the Dasha and Gochar an escape route to pacify the turbulent marriage is formulated but it comes not before letting one know the repentance to be done and the number of sufferings to be undergone.   

The theory of VKH is an ancient Vedic technique but not widely used as research on it is not that deep, probably because in the male-dominated society the necessity to smoothen out the marriage strains was not needed till recently.

I have done some work on VKH in last over a decade and can proudly announce to have saved a few thousand marriages. To see a native through his hard times, I have mastered bouquet of old Vedic techniques to solve almost all aspects of life. Meet me at my HQ in Noida or at Delhi. Visit my website www.vinaybajrangi.com or call 9278665588 / 9278555588