Ht City Delhi - 04.03.18 - Get an In-Depth Astrological Analysis

A person born around the same time as Sachin Tendulkar walked into my office one day. He was a completely different person than what Tendulkar is, at this ripe age, he was still struggling for a living, dependent on parents, having a tough married life and was grossly unsure of his future. As it seemed an interesting topic, I posted this query with the date of birth of both the personalities in different astrological forums, but to my dismay, everyone just seemed to overlook it.

On my facebook page, the answers what I got were to solve this riddle myself. Few of fellow astrologers pinged me personally to seek a solution to this. For those who blindly go by the significations of Planets, Houses, Dasha and Gochar, it will be a hard nut to crack, but wait! The karma principles if applied and adopted correctly can reveal the hidden astrological marvels.

No one except Bharma knows what is in the fate, and Lord Vishnu has Himself revealed that the Karmic application could at times override the fate. The negativities of a  potent Kaal Sarpas Dosha, debilitated Mercury, a visible Vish Yoga, a debilitated Jupiter with Mars and a so-called powerless ascendant, on the one hand, propelled Sachin Tendulkar to scale all heights in name, fame, and power whereas on the other hand pushed this other gentleman  to the brink of failure.

Few know about the activation technique in the real sense, and it beautifully applies here. The debilitated Jupiter activated for both of them at the same time; one chose the route of activating the exalted Mars (Tendulkar; Sports), the other chose to activate debilitated mercury ( Gentleman in question; education). Both the knowledge imparting planets are not nicely placed which prompted the other negative yogas to overpower the situation and pushed him to failure whereas in the case of Tendulkar the Exalted Mars did not let the other negative Yogas overpower it. Moreover, the D-60 charts of both narrate what has happened.

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