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A Rinn Yoga (Liability combination), Deen Yoga (Destitute combination) are a few planetary combinations which can push any native to the mat. These Yogas if get activated and are under the influence of some fierce Dasha can inflict irreversible damage to the native. I have seen many flourishing businesses fading out with enormous financial liability with no repayment avenues. I have witnessed many continual efforts and assets going down the drain with no sight of resurgence.

People seek an astrological answer to this riddle and a further question that why it was not seen beforehand. The answer to this is complicatedly simple. Simple, because these Yogas if present in one's horoscope can be easily read and complicated because almost every horoscope has this Yoga. Yes! Every horoscope has this Yoga. Then why are some happy while others miserable is the next question in sequence.

The answer to it is entirely scientific that every Yoga fructifies when subjected to the minimum threshold energy needed for it to blossom. Confused?  Let me solve it for you. Riches to rags activate differently for persons of different capacity. A person may go bust with just a loan of few Lakhs whereas the other may happily survive a loan of multiple Crores without even giving a second thought to it.

My piece of advice to those who are keen to open a new business, those who wish to expand dramatically, those who have opted to set their foot on something new, those who are just continuously pumping in money without the sight of returns in the near future, those who are lured by the thought of easy money and are heavily depended on loans for these endeavors of theirs, just pause, and get your horoscope verified.

Get the horoscope scrutinized for these Yogas, ask whether you will remain a viable entity or not, question the status of your present possessions, will they stay or are there to fly. It is always better to forget then to repent.  This gets corrected if you think so, be the able master of your soul. For complete insight into your horoscope, contact Dr Vinay Bajrangi a vedic astrologer for all type of astrological predictions & astrology reading online. Read more on his Blogs.