Don't Let Rahu Hinder Your Growth

HT Cafe Mumbai

HT Cafe Mumbai: 23.12.18 - Don't Let Rahu Hinder Your Growth

Many of us expand, keep expanding with all happiness but may be sometimes finally experience ramp towards failures or a probable collapse. The purpose of astrology in today's perceptive is chiefly to evaluate the fatality of the failure if there is any. The Indian Vedic astrology renders its handler ‘Jyotish' such capabilities that one with enough experience can very aptly handle and foresee all the domains of the native's life. Once the path of future gets illuminated, better planning and management of circumstances can be ensured or otherwise sometimes the wisest among the lot get crowned as the foolest of the fools. ‘Rahu' is a planet of expansion and prosperity, but its energy sometimes goes out of bound and is beyond any control which if not regulated can eventually result in a collapse. A civil contractor of many years had a hidden desire to do something big, and as the fate would have been, he managed to get associated with a well-known builder. He stated bagging manageable contracts at a regular interval and would finish them in the allotted time frame that too with good workmanship and quality. His continual efforts were not going unnoticed as he was being awarded jobs of higher value, each time he finished his allotted work. In a few years, a medium petty civil contractor got transformed into a big construction agency which was working for several agencies/builders simultaneously. The fate was smiling on him until he was offered a really big development job on fund sharing basis. In the said work, he was to bear the initial expense of development work and then few NRI's were to be roped in to finance the project. It was not only an unsinkable project but also a fortune turner project only till the time when the main agency could not muster the necessary finance from overseas and whatever funds they had were consumed. Our agency had put everything he had in stake for this project. Till the time he had some hope, he borrowed money to let the work progress but with every passing day he was slipping deeper into a point of no return. Presently he works as a supervisor in a small-time construction firm far away from the town which gave him prosperity. A person who had climbed the ladder of success solely on his capabilities and hard work has been reduced to paucity. It is not that he did something very odd or something that the majority would not do, but the energy unleashed by laughing ‘Rahu' was much more than what he could control. And the situation becomes more terrible when the horoscope says that it has just one-time Yoga to go up which stands consumed. Let this never happen to you. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.