Who is chasing whom? Are you chasing your fate or is your fate chasing you? A meritorious IIT student got a job in a multinational company nine months before he was to graduate. But as luck would have it, he waited to join the prestigious company for five months after his graduation, only to hear that the project was scrapped. The student went to the placement desk of the college, and dutifully, they arranged a few more interviews for him, and he eventually succeeded to win another high-paying job. A week before he was to join, he contracted typhoid and other belly infections. The severity of it was such that it took him six months to recover. The job was long gone; the obligation of college was also over. But since he was an alumnus of a prestigious college, his efforts got him a job but it was in a small company and low-paying. Leave alone the peers, even his juniors were well ahead of him in all aspects. Once a staunch believer in his capabilities, this shaken person turned into a more orthodox personality with persistent anger and depleted self-esteem. 
This is what Ketu could do; it is a double-edged sword hard to handle. It can make the native miss the most crucial exam, not let the lawyer turn up for the most crucial date, miss most important interview, and not let one do what he/she has been preparing for. Success evades the native as this relentless planet activates at the last minute. You must be witness to many sporting events when a one-sided match turns upside down at the last minute — Ketu must have crept in silently. While the burn of Ketu cannot be wiped off, the effects can be diagnosed early, and a different path can be chosen for accomplishing the goal. The boy in the above story is now abroad, confidently pursuing his masters from a very prestigious college. Read similar inputs in 
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