Do Charity the Right Way


Do Charity the Right Way

What is the right way of doing charity? Should you offer particular items, according to your Kundli (Birth Chart)?

Some people offer ingredients such as rice, wheat, dhal, or whatever they wish. Is this fine? The answer is given by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the famous Hindu Vedic Astrologer, in Delhi/Noida. You can offer only the items that are suggestedby your birth chart. In other words, charity is done only by the cruel or unfavorable planets, present in your birth chart. Shani and Raahu are not cruel, from Kundli’s point. Dhaan or charity is done during Dhasha (planetary periods) – Mahadhasha or Anthardhasha. At times, some planets’ positions negatively influence other planers; they torment them. These are mostly planets such as Raahu and Kethu. In such situations, you are recommended to offer something that is in agreement to their preferences. However, you cannot offer anything you like, without having your birth chart checked. Either you must be familiar with reading your Kundli or you must be having it assessed by a well-versed astrologer.

For example, if you have to offer something for Guru, you must find out in which Raashi Guru is sitting - whether in a Raashi related to Earth, Water, or Air and donate something related to the same medium. Also, you must donate something that Guru is satisfied with. If it is not in agreement with Guru, the results will not be fruitful. In general, if you want to please any planet and pick up benefits from it, you must donate something that is in agreement with that particular planet. For instance, if you are recommended to donate a Rathna (Precious stone), you’ll have to choose a stone that is in agreement with that particular planet.

Only a well-versed astrologer can tell you the right way of donating. If you are advised to offer a Rathna, you must first take the suggestion from an astrologer. You must find out if that Rathna is in agreement with the planet or make it compatible. A vedic astrologer can make it compatible by doing some rituals, which might take 2 – 7 days. After it is done, you are free to offer it and you’ll get the desired benefits.

In some cases, you’ll not get any benefit in spite of donating any item. This is because, any benefit given, will be by God Lakshmi, rather than Shani. In such cases, you’ll be required to do Shram Dhaan (Energy offering), in the form of Mangal. When and how to do Shram Dhaan also depend on planetary periods. Shram Dhaan can be in the form of taking up the cleaning up the premises of a temple or some small assistance. So, to know which items you are free to offer, the quantity, and the duration, visit Bajrangi Dhaam and consult Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. He’ll tell you what to donate and what not to.