Delayed Marriage

Delayed Marriage

DELAYED MARRIAGES – Reasons & issues

Few decades ago fixation of marriage was quite simple, people known in the circle, few references would facilitate marriage faxations. But over last few decades, this has become a big social & burning issue. This is becoming more prudent in the modern age with females getting more educated, self conscious or may be better earners than male, at times.  We must try to analyse the reasons of this before blaming ourselves or the generations before & after us. Dr Bajrangi having exposure of thousands of such cases enumerates few reasons as below.

Generally people review 7th House in the Kundli & draw the conclusions. But many more aspects need to be seen thoroughly from different charts & more importantly from different angles. Study of all these charts from different angles is more practical & effective way to spot the reasons for delay in marriage & then suggest the way outs accordingly.

Main Reasons. 

  • Impact of past life or past of present life becoming hindrance.  
  • Mangal or Manglik Doshas in the Kundli.
  • Obstructions from within the family members.
  • Education & status level of the child specially that of Girl child.
  • Hidden inclination towards opposite sex friend.
  • Too much expectations from the other side.
  • Hidden  weaknesses  in an individual.

Review & co-relation of all these factors  when established by Dr Bajrangi in your Kundli  from the different angles from different charts help arriving the exact reasons surfacing the marriage issue & then  guiding  you towards firstly the reasons then precise  solutions to overcome the present issues & finally  Karma Korrections for future life.

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