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Reasons and remedies for late marriage

Marriage is a blessing, and everyone has to put in their best efforts to make it a blessing. But when this blessing blooms your life, it entirely depends on your horoscope. Planetary movements and architectural defects could be the most probable reasons for the delay in your marriage. Astrology shows that many planets in the Kundli can cause obstacles in marriage-related matters. Irrespective of the general astrological reasons for the delay in marriage, today, we explore the other reasons which cause a significant impact on your marriage matters. Hence, from today's discussion, we want to enlighten the topic from a different perspective so that you can deeply understand this issue.

Reasons for delayed marriage

Nowadays, delay in marriage is a common problem in our society. Are planetary movements can be held as the sole reason for late marriage? 

This is not true. We must give adequate importance to marriage at the right time. Sometimes, we miss the subtle circle of getting married and blame these planetary positions. There are multiple reasons for missing those subtle circles.  

As per Vedic Astrology, marriage is the physical and spiritual union of two people for a lifetime and the karmic bonding of two people they have carried from their past lives. The significant points like the kind of life partner you get, the time of your marriage, at what age you will get married, etc., are all influenced by the astrological combinations in your natal chart. A good Astrologer can detect every piece of information about your future life by horoscope. Even the direction and location of your marriage can be decoded with the help of marriage astrology. Every society and culture has its values regarding the marriageable age of a person, and delaying several years after that specified marriageable age is considered inauspicious.

If any person willingly delays their marriage, then there is a need to focus on the consequences of late marriage. In contrast, a delay in marriage due to the influence of malefic planets in the birth chart can be traced. But the question remains whether it is possible to predict early marriage from the horoscope. If not, what are the possible measures to minimize the marriage delay?

Common Remedies for Delayed Marriage

Once you understand the actual depth of this version, then you will be able to eliminate marriage problems from your birth chart. You will put your best efforts into coming up with general remedial measures like fasting on 16 Mondays, worship on 21 Thursdays (Jupiter), wearing topaz and bananas, lighting lamps by giving water to trees, and many more that need to be raised. There must have been countless times you took such measures, and while doing so, you must have become frustrated. You are feeling physical tiredness and mental sickness while going around the astrologers. But, you have to agree that despite countless efforts, if the child is not getting married, then their Kundali must contain some defect or dosha, which is either not being caught or if you have performed some remedies for this, then there are higher chances that your efforts are gone in vain. We must keep it from happening that one person from each house gets disappointed in the struggle for marriage. Eventually, the yogas for not getting married will become more powerful. 
Most astrologers suggest you several measures to please the presiding deity of marriage or marriage-related factors, such that a girl is advised to fast for sixteen Mondays to please Lord Shiva, the general factor of marriage. But, this remedy can't work correctly if there is negativity in the girl's mind towards marriage. In this case, despite doing continuous fasts, the girl is unable to get an eligible life partner. You have to study your birth chart to get a suitable life partner; thus, you can eliminate such problems. There is a great need to lighten the debilitating planets of the lord of the seventh house to solve marriage-related issues. 

Scientific astrological remedies for delayed marriage

Undoubtedly, your kundli is a science, and the person who investigates it is a scientist. If you show this science to a less efficient person, you must prepare yourself for the consequences. To avoid such situations, you can consult us for a precise and detailed analysis of your horoscope. After an accurate examination of your natal chart, we can tell you why you are not allowing you to get married. The ruler of the seventh house, the seventh house, or the karakas of marriage, Venus and Jupiter, are facing some problems which produce hurdles in your marriage. The consequences of not treating it in time can be severe. It has yet to be treated, but there should be a need to ensure that it does not happen in the future. You will take some measures to solve this issue. 
Now the question arises what you should do? You are advised to put aside the usual remedies you have been doing till now and consult the right astrologer to identify the problem preventing you from getting married. 
You can also contact us with your date of birth, time, place of birth, etc., so we can tell you the root reasons for your problem along with the simple and effective measures to get rid of your problems.