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A false sense of pride and vanity is what Rahu is infamous for. It is a catalyst which increases the rate of events without bothering its directions i.e., positive or negative. Therefore, it is advisable to plan the period of Rahu (it runs for 18 years) of expansion in a positive direction. During Rahu’s period, lethargy sets in and one can find it difficult to concentrate on things that one used to concentrate on during the Mars period.

For the first two years, Rahu rules both the Major and Minor periods; thus Rahu is entirely free to display its energy at this time. Old patterns break, and one finds oneself in entirely new situations, which can be tough. One can lose everything that he has earned in the Mars period. The first six months can be especially hard as one tries to cope with the rapidly changing circumstances. In this period, there is usually a misunderstanding with parents or employers, rebellious attitudes, social rejection, contact with the occult and extremes of indulgence. This period opens up the Pandora’s box of deeprooted desires embedded in one’s psyche which may be either in keeping with one’s true path in life or otherwise, depending upon the overall inclination of the chart. It can, however, cause downfall through over expansion.

The minor periods of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are the most suitable for this to happen. Among them, Rahu-Mercury and Rahu-Venus periods are of special importance as Mercury and Venus are both material benefits and close friends of Rahu. The Rahu Moon period can also give good results if the moon is strong and is in good relationship with Rahu. The position and state of Rahu’s dispositor need to be looked at. Rahu being a shadow planet, reflects the results of the lord of the sign it is placed in. If this planet is strongly positioned in the chart, Rahu will, in general, give better results. The relationship between Rahu and its dispositor is of extreme importance. If the dispositor is in harmony with Rahu by being placed in trine to Rahu, good results can be expected in this period. If it is placed under challenging houses like 6th, 8th and 12th from Rahu, one can expect some struggles and upheavals in this period.

The asterism in which Rahu is placed is also of importance. Rahu will be stronger when placed in its asterisms or the asterisms of friends like Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. It is thus important to tame the energy of Rahu before losing on time crucial for it so that it starts working for the native in the positive direction.
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