Court Cases and Litigation Issues


Astrology for Court Cases / legal matters 

Astrology for court cases is undoubtedly a tool to help a person, but the most important thing is to see the person's intent. The intent of the person because the main reasons for court cases or litigation matters are the Greed, zealously, and attaining unrealistic benefits on the other person. Court cases, legal issues & litigation are the enemies of peace of mind. But still knowingly / unknowingly, these complications are increasing day by day. So there have to be some definite factors behind it. There are two aspects to review this whole subject. One is the intent of the person & second the planetary position in the horoscope. Some planetary position or inauspicious houses in the Kundli/birth chart, clearly indicate the likelihood of controversies such as litigations, court cases, traumatic events, and imprisonment. The native will be compellingly pulled and tangled in such things. Sometimes, people with a spoiled Jupiter have instinctive bad qualities such as Greed, unrealistic ambitions, jealous, etc. pushing them to such situations. But sometimes, innocent people also get dragged into this game? This happens due to some unfortunate planetary position & a weak Lord of Lagan. A good astrologer can identify all these factors after proper reading of a horoscope. Many a times, dipiction of such things in a Horoscope are due to our own flawed karmas of the past life. 

Now come the questions:

1. Why am I getting involved in court cases / legal matters/litigation? 

2. Is there a particular planet/house in a horoscope, causing court cases/litigation?

3. When will these court case related matters end?

4. Can astrology help me resolving these court cases / legal matters?

5. What are the remedies to win court cases/litigation matters? 

Now to give answers to all these questions, an astrologer should mandatorily study some main aspects of a person's life. 

1. Your past life

2. Past of present life

3. Placement of planets in your Birth Chart

4. Intentions, Greed, unrealistic ambitions, jealous traits in a person's horoscope & real life. 

5. Karma of the person.

6. The intent of the person, whether a person wants to settle or fight the court cases?

7. Symptoms of weakness/strength of the other parties involved in such cases/matters.There are also 

This is where Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can be of help to you. First off, he'll assess your Kundli and determine why you get slid into such problems. After that, he'll suggest you the appropriate ways that'll help correct your own Karmas and how to strengthen the weak planets and work them in your favour.

These measures guide you to control the impact and turn the litigations or court cases to your advantage. Almost all these cases will have specific causes for these problems that could be one or a mixture of any of the reasons mentioned above.

Once the primary reason for involvement in Court cases, litigation is diagnosed, Dr. Bajrangi guides you case-specific ways & means to 1st come out of immediate problems. And then guides you with some Karma Korrection & precaution so that such things do not re-occur in your future life.

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