Correct remedial Measures Done Timely Can Defunct the IllEffects of Shani

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Correct remedial Measures Done Timely Can Defunct the IllEffects of Shani

When Shani’s (Saturn’s) Saade Saathicame over Lord. Krishn, he had to leave Mathura and live in Dhwaraka. When it came over Lord. Raam, he had to go through some difficulties too.That is to say, when there is Saturn’s effect, even the deities go through hardships. There are less chances of overcoming such phases. After all, we are human beings. Shani can negatively influence human beings.


However, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the renowned astrologer in Delhi says, Shani, as a matter of fact, is a judge. You needn’t worry about this planet. Instead, you must worry about the other planets such as Shukr, who is the doer.It always seems to you that this is Shani’s role. The other planet that directs Shani to torment you is Soorya. Again, you’ll assume that this is the work of Shani. Instead of being apprehensive about Shani’s Saade Saathi, you must think of ways of setting things right. There are astrological measures that help diminish or expel the ill effects of Shani. In addition, you’ll have to adopt some practices. You’ll not only be relieved from the problems but you’ll start living happy life.

Here are some practices:

  • Consume vegetarian food only
  • Get rid of tobacco
  • Do service to old-age people
  • Do service to parents
  • Do charity
  • Spend time with friends

If you follow the aforementioned practices regularly, there will not be any detrimental effects of Shani, Mahadhasha, or Anthardhasha. Apart from them, there are some astrological plans that, if followed, will relieve you from Shani’s Saade Saathi. All, in all, you don’t have to worry about Shani. Visit Bajrangi Dhaam once and consult Pandith. Bajrangi. He’ll assess your Kundli (Birth Chart) and suggest you the plans to make Shani your friend.