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A culprit commits a crime, sometime later the police catches hold of him, and the judge sends him to the jail. For the culprit, the police and the judge could be the evils which have caught and put him behind bars. But, the evil had started to engulf him when he decided to commit the crime, and it was in its full boom when he committed the crime. Astrologically, the period when he committed the crime must have happened in a relatively good period and the period when he succumbed to the crime must have occurred in the adverse transit of Shani. And for this reason, people get scared of Shani more often than the other planets. What I would like to explain here is that every planet, beneficial or not, has a darker side. The activated darker side induces the native to go in for unethical activities which pay dividends and the native goes gaga about it thanking the almighty for the terrific period, but he forgets when the law (Shani) will catch holds of him. Shani is an auditor scrutinizer of one's Karma and is merciless whereas the other so-called beneficial planets when activate wrongly, forces the native going for unethical gains. Please understand about the darker side of the most benefic planet (exalted, functional benefices or otherwise) of a horoscope, and they are the principal significator of miseries the native is bound to get through the disciplinary sword of Saturn.  The murkier side of mercury will infuse decline in abstract mental thinking, fantasizing, confused, immature and even insane. A shadowy Jupiter shall indulge in wrong pomp and show and shall make the native incur colossal expenditure. A dusky Venus can bring discord in marriage wife, and the native seeks pleasure out of the marital bond & ethics. Shady side of the Mars make the native argumentative and makes him ready to wage war on others without reason. The dark side of the moon is fickleness, intolerance, orthodoxy. The dusky side of the sun is to gain from the Govt illegally.Transiting Saturn audits the karma of the native in respect to the deeds committed by him in the era of the different planets and punishes the native in accordance. So, the deeds describe the grief one must get in this transit of Saturn (Sade Sati).  So, it becomes all more important to get an evaluation of the horoscope when things are going great though people think otherwise. In any of the case, the magnitude of the sorrow is measurable and manageable - asserts Dr Vinay Bajrangi best Jyotish providing free astrology predictions through his blogs or many such articles.