Career Problem or abroad settlement by astrologer

Career Problem

Choosing the right career & abroad settlement 

 “Opportunities don't happen, you create them.”  - Chris Grosser

Choosing the right career depends broadly but primarily on 2 basic factors. One the Aptitude, Nature, Passion & Interest one has in present life. This starts reflecting as the person grows in life. And second the indication in your birth chart. Now this indication in the birth chart is not something which is random but is a result of your past life(s) deeds. Both these factors i.e horoscope, manifesto  of your past life & actions of present life combined clearly define the purpose for which one takes birth in this life. Both these factors supplement & support each other achieving final success in life. So choosing the right career should be based on both these factors considered in tandem. Simply choosing a career based upon hereditary, inheritance, parental or social pressures, popularity, complacency or attraction or in haste is not right. More so when astrology can help you choose the right career. If any of this mandate is missing, your choice for career is likely to err. 

How to choose right career? Can astrology help me choosing right career? 

Now let us explain how astrology helps you choose a career. The subject is so vast and complicated that explaining intricacies about all these 4 points is not possible to explain in a single write-up. So let us explain on the 1st & 2nd point of choosing the right career. I feel if we are able to make the right choice & decision on these 2 points, it lays a strong foundation for the next 2 points. Whenever you want to choose your career, above questions generally surface everyone's mind. Now there are different tools in astrology help you choosing right career. Let us understand these factors seperately in little more detail.

What are the crucial stages for choosing the right career?

1. While choosing  the education stream.

2. While selecting the field of job or business or profession. More, it is aligned with decision no 1, the better it is.  

3. What to do: job or business or be a self employed professional. 

4. Where to settle in your own country or abroad.   

 How to choose right career as per Zodiac Sign?

Choosing a career astrologically is complex and simple both. Simple because there are indications in the vedic astrology what career to choose. And difficult because either astrologer may not be competent or under some influence or pressures gives biased advice on choosing a career. In both the cases, it is the native who suffers. And a very important point here is to have accurate birth details. Mind you for choosing a career astrologically, one must have birth time as accurate as One Minute. Even with an iota of doubt, one should first and foremost go for birth time rectification. 

It should basically start with the 10th house being  your house of actions and authority so it can reveal in what area of work you will find your authority and ability to act. Suppose the sign falling in the 10th house is Gemini that means you can follow careers related to communications, writing, editing and translating, journalism, teaching, accounting, transport, courier services etc. Now let us have a broader guidelines of choosing a career through key Zodiac Signs. Find out the zodiac Sign out of your ascendant sign, Moon sign and Sun sign. Prefer the one out of these which is also associated with the 10th and 11th house through conjunction, placement aspect or Nakshatras etc. and if not then consider the strongest of these three signs. Then choose the best career as per your Zodiac sign from the following:

Aries Careers:

For aries sign, careers related to police, law, politics, defence, fire-fighting, metal work, security services, surgery, scientific work, engineering, sales and marketing, exploration, dentistry, and neurology may give success.

Taurus Careers:

Careers related to perfumes and cosmetics, luxury items, gems and jewellery, items for females, banking, agriculture, music, advertising and publicity, tailoring, law, pharmacy, acting, art, interior designing and decoration, food and restaurants etc.

Gemini Careers:

Careers related to communication, transportation, journalism, writing, teaching, television, Administration, working on computer, practice of law, research work, editing, brokerage, accounting, sales and marketing, company-representatives, teaching, engineering, architecture, counselling, may give success.

Cancer Careers:

Careers related to shipping, sea products, fluids, milk, chemicals and petroleum, research, catering, hospitals, dealing in antique items, exploration, Human resource, gardening or plant-nurseries, travelling and caring etc. can be considered.

Leo Careers:

Careers related to politics, administration, government service, managerial work, forestry, defence, police, real estate, organising and conducting tours and guiding, herbal products and medicines etc.

Virgo Careers:

Careers related to teaching, computers, astrology, radio and television, writing, editing and translating, psychology, banking, sales, investigative-journalism, spying, related to communications, can be suitable.

Libra Careers:

Careers related to sales, advisory services, writing, architecture, hospitality services, representational work, related to law and order, diplomatic services, art, fashion, modelling, designing in general, furniture designing, garments designing and making, photography, singing, films and television etc.

Scorpio Careers:

Careers related to nursing, health care, chemicals and drugs, Surgery, Spying, providing Secret Services, explorations, dentistry, research, butchering, navigation, occult related or Tantric work, philosophy, astrology, opening and running an agency, defence and police, security services etc.

Sagittarius Careers:

Careers related to editing, publishing, sports, horse-riding, related to municipality and courts, financial matters, religious-preaching, animal training, Public relations, travelling etc.

Capricorn Careers:

Careers related to forests, science, mining, agriculture and horticulture, banking, event management, administration, IT sector, structuring and organising etc.

Aquarius Careers:

Careers related to computer-technology, science, Space research, automobiles, social work, astrology, Hypnotic therapy or time-regression, music, Aviation, naturopathy, Organic-farming, engineering, and philosophy etc. can be suitable

Pisces Careers:

Careers related to marine, transportation, chemicals, animal health, petroleum products, hospitals, nursing, physical therapy, jails, cinema, sea products, import-export, Yoga training, music etc. may suit well. 

All the above indications should then be certainly put to test & compatibility  with the Aptitude, Nature, Passion & Interest of the person. Then a decision on choosing the right career can be considered as a good choice. 

What to do: job or business or be a self employed professional  

Now the next point in this series is to see how the person would attain status in the society? By doing a job or business or being a self-employed professional. For this proper screening of ascendant, 2nd house, 3rd house, 9th, 10th & 11th house is required. Further such choice for the right career will require proper evaluation & wetting from some crucial divisional charts D-9, D-10, D-12 & D-60. For more details, you can read on selection of right career. 

Where to settle in your own country or abroad   

Next point in the series is where to settle. In your own country or settle abroad. Here again there are planetary combinations which favour permanent settlement abroad. Various houses in the horoscope clearly indicate whether you have yoga to go abroad. This yoga is only for some time & then come back or a permanent settlement. Primary houses deciding on your foreigh settlement are 9th house & 12th house. If these houses come into watery signs like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces or into mutable signs Aries, Cancer , Libra & Capricorn, then there are good chances for foreigh travel. This is again an indication as the final choice will depend on many circumstances related to family, financial capabilities and many other factors of real life. Why I am not explaining much regarding foreigh travel or foreigh settlement more here because in this , much more depends on the intentions of the persons. Some simply want to make a quick earn & return to their homeland to fulfill their dreams. Some desire a permanent abode. Sometimes the presence of more family members abroad attracts one to settle abroad. Therefore here intentions of the native are more important to decide on this aspect. 

Let me summarise that choosing a right career for livelihood & selecting a right spouse for marriage, both are the most complicated subjects of astrology. Further both these factors have life long impact on you thus be little extra careful making choices on both these traits of your life.

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