Career Astrology, Career Selection

career astrology

Career Astrology , Career Selection 

Career means a thing which governs us throughout not only our own life but also our family & society also to a larger extent so give due respect to career selection. Many people wonder why there is a need for career astrology consultation. Many people choose the career based on inheritance , sometimes influenced by on going trends ( trend for IT, CA, Doctors & likewise) or parent’s profession ( doctor’s offsprings choose to become doctor, lawyer’s to lawyers & like wise) or social surrounding, or seeing siblings etc. Well, it's true that karma is important,but it's not necessary that an intelligent person may end up becoming successful in life. Sometimes it’s the position of the stars which influences the professional growth and success of a person. That is where proper diligence that too at right time in career selection plays a significant role & Career Astrology helps here.  

Career Astrology certainly considers above aspects but then  co-relates it with three main indicators of your horoscope i.e.

1. The position of Saturn

2. The Zodiac Sign

3. The 10th House or the Ruling Planet

4. Strength, weaknesses, skills, behavioral aspects embedded in each horoscope.

The unique placement of stars and planets at the time of birth decides the general pattern of our life. A small consultation with the master can really help a person to choose the career which is meant for that person. Right Career selection also means respecting the intention of almighty at the time of your birth & casting your horoscope.

Yes do not wonder but all such things are pre-destined in your horoscope & if we do not respect its verdict then later we have to blame ourselves. That is what the Career Astrology is meant for. IF selection of career was not that scientific probably there would have been only 1 or 2 professions in the world where people follow the successful people in that particular trait.