business related issues

business related issues

Business-related Issues

Most people continue to be in the professional or business they’ve inherited from their elders. Some people do it because of their own interest while some do it because of circumstance. This is the first aspect. However, the most important question is why and how some people succeed while most people become an utter failure. Here comes Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the reputed Vedic Astrologer in the Delhi NCR, who can help overcome such failures. He can help you in two ways:

  1. In showing the direction to start a business that will lead to success
  2. Bail you out when you are in an entanglement and struggling to get out of the problems

He makes this possible by studying the crucial aspects in your Kundli from various angles and advise you accordingly, along with Karma Korrections.

He will let you know whether or not you have considered the following most important prerequisites that’ll help you run a business successfully:

  • Business Yog
  • Money accumulation Yog
  • Temperament of doing a business
  • Impact of the business on your family
  • Your intentions of doing business within and outside the business boundaries
  • Right time and Dhasha for the business
  • Ability and courage to sustain temporary hindrances

All the above aspects, reviewed in tandem, point out your potential to succeed in business. Consult Dr, Vinay Bajrangi to take advise on each of these aspects, before taking calculated risks.