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Astrology for Business-related issues

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

Business issues can keep one engaged and struggling (busy) for a long time as the term busy -ness itself reflects. Business surely is an attractive term as it means more money & more importantly growing money. First and the foremost thing going for business is that the person should have an inbuilt passion for doing business. I mean a person should not get swayed away towards business out of inheritance, hereditary, social pressures, lured by others or just to see “let's try this”. It can be dangerous. Vedic Astrology helps in business-related from all angles. It has sufficient principles and guidelines not only to identify what business to do, when to do, with whom to do but also how to protect your business. Any carelessness or decision in haste can lead to irreversible issues. So, it is advisable to spend a few minutes with a good astrologer & get the major decisions related to business wetted by your horoscope. Now business-related issues is such a vast subject that everything can not be explained in a single write-up or blog. So I will pick the main thumbnails of business-related issues with references to different detailed explanations wherever required to my capabilities. Now let us explain the subject little more in details. 

This page is an overall narration on Business success. To read specific birth chart's related information and self-assessment click on Business success.

How Astrology helps in Business-related issues.

Your planets itself were not supporting the business. 

A business needs some special skills or traits, a person should essentially possess. The proportionate relevance & impact of these traits can be different depending on the type of business one wants to do. But some or most of these traits are common that a person should have before venturing into any business. A horoscope clearly deciphers which of these traits are available in you & ignoring the impact of these traits read through your planets, is the 1st among the business-related issue. Lacking these traits will become hindrances in your business at one point or the other. A specific planet supports a particular business skill & ability and if one does not have those abilities, the success in business may come but only for a short duration. Now which planet supports what business skill , is explained below.  

How do planets support business skills  

Planet Traits helpful in Business
Sun Gives courage and resourcefulness
Moon A calm mind and self-confidence to act wisely
Mars Gives energy, initiative and ability to deal with competitors
Mercury Ability to enter profitable deals and communication skills
Jupiter Positive attitude and wisdom and ability to profitably expand business
Venus Gives an analytical mind with affectionate and polite behaviour to deal with customers
Saturn Courage, stability and inner strength to tolerate ups and downs in business 
Rahu Ability to deal with challenges
Ketu Ability to explore new avenues in one’s field of business

You selected a wrong line of Business.  

This again is equally important to understand what field of business will suit you. All can not do all types of business. Now here the different planets in a horoscope sufficiently indicate which business will suit whom. I mean again broad guidelines are there in the Horoscope as to which planet supports what type of business. A short table on this is produced below:

Which planet supports which business?

Planet Main lines of business it Signifies
Sun Dealing in copper, gold, chemicals, medicines and dealing with government
Moon Related to banks, hospitality, liquids, milk, travelling,
Mars Copper, fire, electricity, Welding, engineering, arms,  ammunition, sharp objects & law
Mercury Marketing, Comm.services, research, editing, journalism, accounting, Astrology, Astronomy
Jupiter Finance, related to religious bodies, education, related to children etc. law
Venus Luxury items, women’s clothing and items, interiorr work, designing, vehicles, architecture,
Saturn Stones, oil, mining, judiciary, cement, building-materials, leather, engg. railways, medicine
Rahu Travelling, inventing, goldsmith, astrology, liquor, machinery, photography, radio, casinos.
Ketu Tours, travel, surgery, secret services, space related exploration,  Yoga, flying etc.

Business issues after starting the business. 

Once the right decision of these 2 aspects is taken, then comes the business-related issues what we face during the continuation of doing the business. The person doing business generally gets an idea as to which particular area could be bothering him. Whether it the association of person with whom one is doing the business, due to clash with the Govt rules/policies, mismanaged funds, malpractices by employees & like-wise. Let us try to identify these issues in business and does astrology has any solutions for this
Joined hands with wrong people:
Many times in a vision of business expansion, we go for partnerships in business. Sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth  The most important factor here could be that the partner does not have a business yoga in his/her horoscope. This can very adversely affect your business in spite of you being the best for business. This partner could be anyone from the family or outside. Other things could be that the partner has a hidden agenda, deceitful nature, tendency to hide/manipulate etc. All these things can be very well seen from many charts mainly being D-10, D-12, D-60. Astrology has all guidelines to analyse any such factor relevant to your business-related issues and then, one can surely take precautionary measures. Click on astrology for partnership business Wito read how astrology helps in partnerships business and selecting partner. 

Clashes/contradiction with the Govt rules and policies.

Yes, a proper reading of the horoscope can guide you as to how to protect yourself from Govt rules. It can help a person to understand how and when the Govt rules & policies can affect your business. Generally, it happens due to a person going overboard or becoming over-confident. One can fight with an individual, a group, competitors, employee but not when the trouble is from the Govt. Such problems can be analysed through proper screening of your D-9, D-10, D-12 & D-60 Charts. Such is the impact of these reasons that one not only loses all dignity & wealth accumulated but can face serious consequences like seizures, imprisonment even.  Wish to read more about it with live examples, click here.  

The business started falling suddenly.

Sometimes in spite of our best business Yoga & efforts, we start seeing a sudden fall in business. This can be due to human reasons like going overboard, too much aggression, greed. But on going deeper in the horoscope, one finds that it happens due to some inimical planets in our horoscope. These planets act so crudely & smartly that we don't come to know before we hit the worst south. You can identify apparent enemies, friends but not the enemies disguised as friends. Click on Astrology for business issues to read more as to how does Astrology help when the business is falling. 

There could be many other issues like:

1. You made the wrong investments. Means either you over-invested or invested in the wrong direction.
2. Wrong diversification in the business. With the growth in business, you were prompted to venture into unviable business. It happens sometimes a manufacturer getting involved in the property business.  
3. Employee's unrest. Success in your business is not only because of your own self but the fate of even an employee may be contributing to your success. But as we grow, we tend to ignore or downgrade the importance of employee. 
4. Vastu related issues. Yes, this also can be a significant factor causing business-related issues. Here a one-time screening through Vastu Shastra can be a vital factor. 
There can be similar issues causing unrest in the business. But do not worry, astrology has mandates to identify the reasons for all such issues in business. SO the moment, one feels that the business is not going in a normal way, it is always recommended to consult an astrologer. To solve the issues in business, it is always better to go for corrective actions in time than indulging into mindless rituals especially when the damage has been done.

Astrological indications for success in business. 

1. In judging business the 7th house is prominent and in addition to this house the 2nd, 6th and 10th also need to be considered. The 10th house is the house of actions (Karam Sathan). 2nd house is your wealth and the 6th house signifies service which you will provide through your business. In another sense these three houses viz. the 2nd, 6th and 10th are the Earth element signs as per the Kaalpurush Kundali, therefore, related to material success.  

2. The 7th house becomes more prominent in case of any business in partnership or self –employed type.

3. Important Role of the 3rd House: The 3rd house in a birth chart represents self-efforts and among planets Saturn signifies efforts and hard work so any strong link of Saturn with the 3rd house through placement, conjunction, aspect or Nakshatra indicates success in business.

4. Role of Venus and Mercury: Strong and favourable Venus and Mercury especially if associated with the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses give success in business. Mercury being a general significator of trade is more important in partnership business.

5. Venus placed in its own or friendly signs in the 12th house give wealth and luxuries through business.

6. 2nd 3rd and 10th and 11th houses also known as the Upchaya houses are in fact houses of progress so Jupiter and Venus associated with these gives success in business and free flow of money.

7. The 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th house having some association with the ascendant and or its lord ensure gains through business.

Role of Nakshatras: The author has observed in some horoscopes that if the planets signifying the 7th and 10th houses fall in the Nakshatras of those signifying the 2nd and 11th houses then greater success in business is indicated.

A successful businessman or a businesswoman needs initiative, resourcefulness, communication skills, courage and good relation with neighbours and others. All these attributes are mainly connected with the 3rd house in a birth chart. 

NOW this whole narrative is based on our horoscope, human-created reasons & probable solutions. The astrology is not limited to this & much more can be derived in specific cases based on actual facts. However, this does not include reasons force majeure.

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