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Are you also suffering from business-related problems?

Our horoscope is the mirror of our whole life. If it is examined correctly, we can find the solution to all our problems from our birth chart. We come across many people who are completely confused about their careers. They need to figure out whether to do a job or business. They are entirely unaware of the fact that whether their horoscope has job yoga or employer yoga. This uncertainty creates lots of problems in their life. Hence it is essential to know which yoga is present in their horoscope. Because sometimes, people start businesses without showing their horoscope, but if there is a job yoga their horoscope, they will not be able to succeed in the business line despite their endeavors.  

Do you want to start a business by taking a loan? Does your tenth house allow it? Do you want to do business in partnership? Does your mind also overwhelm with these types of questions? If yes, then please join us. Through this article, we help you to understand why horoscope assessment is necessary before starting a job or business. With the blessings of Hanuman ji, we will try our best to clear your problems and doubts on this unique topic and try to introduce you to the power of Vedic astrology and how it can transform your life. We will also let you know the interrelationship between Karma improvement and business. Along with this, we will remove the problems of the people who are already doing business. 

When we want to check the possibilities of business in your horoscope, we would like to explore your tenth house and check what your karma says about your career. If you do business, you must have a craving to earn profits, which means there should be good income from the eleventh house. Additionally, after earning good money, you must be an expert in accumulating and managing funds; the second house should also be looked at. Apart from this, we will also check your state of mind for business, which is known from the ascendant. In brief, while checking the possibilities of business in your horoscope, we have to look at your second house, ascendent, eleventh, and tenth house, along with your karma. It is also essential to consider the fourth house, which is a complementary house to the tenth house, to check whether you face any problems, diseases, or estrangement in your family if you start a business. Additionally, the fifth house complementary to the eleventh house is also seen. 

What to do if we are not getting any positive indication regarding your business yoga through your horoscope, but you insist that you only want to do business. In such a situation, we use the Karma modification technique to amend your actions and internal expressions. This technique tells us what modifications you need to change your expressions. This technique focuses on the following points. 

• What modification do you need to make in your nature?

• What amendments have to be made regarding your accumulated wealth?

• What amendments must be made in the business you do or are trying to do?

• What amendments have to be made to your expression regarding income?  

• What amendments have to be done inside the fourth house?

• What amendments have to be done inside the fifth house?

Why do we need to modify our karma? 

Let's try to understand what these modifications are and how they work. Suppose a person does business, but according to his horoscope, it is not suitable for him. Here, we need to modify his karma so that he can get the best results in his life. Let's take a second example. Suppose a person does business by taking a lot of loans, and his horoscope indicates that he will not earn profit by taking loans inside the business; then changing this feature for the betterment of his life is an amendment. Let's take one more example. If a person tries to promote his partnership business, but if there is no such yoga in the horoscope, the only way to correct it is to modify it. In other words, all these things come under modification, meaning that people should be told in time what they should touch and what they should abandon. It is also to be noted that sometimes, people become inert, and their intelligence is paralyzed, so they lose their senses to think and understand things broadly. In such a situation, amending can also mean getting our intellect to work correctly, understanding our words clearly, and acting accordingly. Regardless of whether one does business well or not, a person must rectify their deeds to avoid future troubles. Once we modify our actions, life becomes excellent. 

We want to give you an example of someone whose deeds were modified by us so that you can see how these modifications can benefit you.

Person Name- Girish

Birthplace- Nagloi

Date of Birth- 17 February 1971

Time- 3:15 am

Based on the provided information, we made the horoscope of Mr. Girish. Examining his horoscope reveals that he suffers from a financial crisis. After discussing with him, we came to know that he took money on less interest from Mr. Rajpal and forwarded this money on more interest to Mr. Santosh. But Mr. Santosh refused to repay the loan amount, so he could not return the money to Mr. Rajpal. Now, he is trapped inside this money circulation game. 

We told him that in the beginning, you had enjoyed this deal. You have taken money with less interest and passed it on to higher interest. 

But, later, your money started getting stuck, and you were very badly stuck at this time.

After listening to us carefully, he said- "Yes, this is my problem." Knowing their problem, we explained to him that playing with interest money is a risky game. You could do other things to earn a living. We think that we will take advantage of someone's helplessness, make a profit, and enjoy our life without any hurdles. It is as if God does not see anything at all. But when God's eyes fall on your crooked ways, then everything collapses in one minute. We also trace Bandhan Yoga inside his kundali. We asked him whether you have gone to jail within two-four months. In response to this question, he said – Yes, Pandit ji had gone but was released early because the case was not very big. I could not return someone's money on time and had to go to jail due to some pending amount of money.

Our response to him was: 'Now, you're feeling trapped, and you're worried about how the money you've taken from people will be returned and how it will get to the one you gave.' We further asked him, if you take a resolution today that you will return the money from whom you have taken, only then will we tell you some measures to help you get out of this trap. But you have to give us a promise that you will not get involved in this type of work again: otherwise, you will get trapped again and suffer badly. 

Remember one thing, after taking a resolution, if you break the resolution, you get into more significant troubles. After listening to our words carefully, Mr. Girish said - "I take a resolution; please, you tell me the solution."   

We told him that you would have to establish a Shrikhand gem and a rich gem in your house on a Thursday in Shukla Paksha, and if you felt uncomfortable doing it yourself, then you could call a ritualist and get it installed. After this, start feeding the poor on Tuesdays with your money. And do this 11 times. If you do this honestly, you will start getting beneficial results within two months. After that, you must call us and tell us about your experiences. 

We feel sorry to say that Mr. Girish was a greedy person. In today's world, everyone is a little greedy, but if greed increases beyond limits, then it only harms you.

When we examined his horoscope and tried to modify his bad deeds, beneficial results started coming his way. We feel proud to inform you that significant changes are happening in his life. Later he came to us, and he is still connected with our persona. As soon as he brings positive changes in the manner of doing business, he starts earning excellent profits. We request all of you to come to our place and get your deeds rectified. We assure you that your life will become easy and successful after making amendments. Business and karma modification is a vast topic. If we want to say anything about this, we must also check many other things.

Which yoga is present in your horoscope — Employee or employer 

To find the answer to the abovesaid question, on the top priority, we have to check whether there is a yoga of doing business or a job in the person's horoscope. If there is a business yoga, there must be a clear indication of the business yoga in your horoscope. But if there are clear indications of job yoga in your horoscope, then the person should never do business: otherwise, he may suffer huge losses. 

You must understand this thing that only those things are possible in your life, which is announced by the D-9 charts about the D-1 chart. Sometimes, even knowledgeable people do not consider the D-1 chart to find the answers to the abovesaid issue. They conclude only by observing the D-9 chart because your soul pronounces all those things. However, we used to examine the Karma Bhava of a person in detail through the D-10 chart. Because the D-10chart provides detailed information about the nature of the business, you can do excellent manner. The d-15 chart also has a significant position in your life, but people are less aware of it. This chart indicates the courage and confidence of the person. This chart indicates how the person will behave in challenging situations.

 It is necessary to discuss the strength of a person while deciding on your career, and the D-15 chart indicates your strength and the strength of the business, so it is essential to check these charts. After considering these charts, we try to apply different theories to come to any conclusion like – what kind of business the person should do, when it should be done, and when would be the best time to do business. Will it be better to do or not? In addition, it is essential to consider whether it actually fixes the rest of the person or not. 

Now, we wish to draw your attention to one more critical point. What happens when we pay attention to even the most minor things in the birth chart but sometimes ignore some important things? Let's understand this with a small note. If no yoga is being formed for some particular thing in your horoscope, then there must be some reasons for that. Sometimes lots of hurdles block the growth of that yoga. But can you be a hindrance in not allowing any yoga to be formed in your zodiac sign? Can you become an obstacle in the growth of any yoga in the horoscope? In answer to these questions, we want to clarify that, generally, all yogas are present in your horoscope. However, its percentage may differ from person to person. Sometimes it may be less than five-ten percent of the force, or it may be possible that ninety percent of yoga is formed inside your horoscope. 

Is it possible that we ourselves are not allowing any yoga to form in our birth chart, or will we become hindrances in the growth of some yogas in our horoscope? Do we need to blame ourselves for all these problems? Let's try to understand this with an example. We have seen many horoscopes in which the probability rate of marriage and child is up to 70, 80, or 90 percent, but Still, that yoga does not work. It may be possible that you disturb that yoga with your activities. Suppose the horoscopes of happily married couples show that the yoga of becoming a parent is powerful in 2016, 2017, and 2018; within 2019, this yoga started losing its strength because of the poor health of the girl. Now, in 2020 the girl recovers, but the boy's health deteriorates, and in 2021, the boy has to move out, and the girl is left alone for some time. In 2023-24 also, some similar types of issues keep happening. Although, in this period, the child's yoga was strong inside the horoscope, but the couple decides that they don't want to have children for three years because they don't have their own house, or they don't work correctly, or they want some certainty and strength in their life first. 

In this situation, the ascendant lord becomes a hindrance and disrupts the child's yoga. When there was strong yoga of having a child in their birth chart for three years, they did not pay any attention to it. After three years, when the couple feels it's time to expand their family, the girl falls ill, and trouble begins. Within 2020, the boy fell ill, and consequently, the intense yoga period of having a child slipped from their hands, and the time was changed to 2025 or 2027. By this time, the couple becomes frustrated as they have gone to many doctors and astrologers. Despite their strenuous efforts, they still need to catch up. If the possibility of becoming a parent arises again in their horoscope by 2025 or 2027, but till then their morale would have be so broken that they would not be able to pay full attention to it. 


In the end, if you feel that something needs to be corrected or expanded in your life, you should show your horoscope to determine the obstacles in yoga and how to eliminate those obstacles. We hope that now you must have understood how important it is to show this yoga while doing business. We cannot overstate how important it is to see this yoga. Being vigilant is essential if you want to avoid going from king to poor after earning a lot of money. It is important to note that Here, the thing to know is that the yoga of taking a loss is present inside every horoscope. There must have been times when those in business earned very well, but, at other times, they faced conditions that made it difficult to earn well, but when the ascendent appeared strong, they could earn well again. 

 It is imperative to look at the horoscope in such a way that it does not result in the combination of king and poor and does not result in such a way that it does not end again. We come across many people who, without considering this yoga, make big predictions about how great they will be, but when the time comes, everything slipped out of their hands. This means they will become powerless in no time. Hence, you must show this yoga to check its strength and when it can affect your life negatively. Because if it is playing a negative role, it is essential to stop it so we can avoid its wrath. By escaping from its wrath, we become entitled to a profit; otherwise, if this yoga is successful, we will be subject to excessive negativity.

At last, we request that you consider this yoga if you want to become a successful businessman. When you show your horoscope to someone, you should ask him what will happen if this yoga is present in your horoscope and it can be dissolved. You must follow the remedial measures provided by him.