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Which business gives me more profit?

Today we are going to talk about business. It is a universal fact that not everyone is made for business. Even every business not suits every person. Some may succeed in clothes, some in diamonds, and some in jewelry. It is no brainer to understand that you need a good source of income to run your life smoothly, so every person searches for a good business or job, which many times, even after a lot of effort, people struggle to succeed in their career/business.

It is a general belief that the planets located in the tenth house and first house of the horoscope or the planets related to both houses lead the person to a particular type of business. But you have to understand that a person's chances of success in doing business and what kind of business can give him profits are never controlled and determined by the tenth house or the planets present in the tenth house; instead, it is a matter of profound analysis. From an astrological point of view, we try to know which houses and planets together determine and control the entire professional field and situation.

Some general reasons to start a business

If a person is interested in doing business or wants to know which business would suit him? How would he know this? In such a situation, some people try to do the same business where they work, while others who have studied the particular business try to use their knowledge and learning to establish a business. At the same time, some people wish to continue their ancestral business. Along with this, some people try to do business by taking inspiration from others. People thought that if this business benefited this person, I could also profit from it. 

Business based on the 10th house

However, all these reasons are sufficient to start a business. Still, they cannot guarantee a successful business, whereas the business done according to the yogas in the horoscope remains successful. But there is an exception, which is very important to know. We have seen many astrologers who predict business as per the sign present in the tenth house. For example, suppose Taurus is in the 10th house. In that case, some astrologers suggest businesses related to decorations, jewelry, gems, purchase and sale of vehicles, silver work, women's accessories, marriage-related items, youth-look products, etc. These all are suggested because Venus is the lord of Taurus and the karaka of all these things. What will a person do in such a situation if he does not know the reality of the above prediction? Hence, it proves to be the wrong way of analyzing the birth chart.

In-depth analysis of the birth chart from an astrological point of view

Those who know about astrology must know that there is a rule to analyze the D1 chart, and then those things which are not satisfied by D9 or Navamsa chart are removed from it. Going through the rest of the business streams with D10 or dashamsha chart cuts many things from the list; as a result, the list of possible businesses gets smaller. After this, all these things are analyzed concerning the D60 or Shashtiamsha chart. After this, one, two, or at most three things are revealed in which maximum profit is obtained by doing business. This is a proper way of analyzing the possibility of achieving business success in the horoscope. Those who find out the best business from the D1 chart only then know that the prediction is wrong and baseless. 

First of all, D1, then D9, D10, and then after assessment by D60, only one, two, or at most three businesses left where you can succeed or you can’t face loss in your life. But before doing all this, you must get this information whether your horoscope has the yoga of doing business or not.

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