BIRTH TIME SYNCHRONIZATION - Birth time rectification 


The very basic principle of Vedic Astrology & astrology by birth time emphasises that the birth chart of a native should be cast on the accurate birth time to maintain the accuracy of the predictions on any horoscope. The Lagna or Ascendant changes every two hours and this conception raise a common mis-belief among astrologers too, that if the Bhav Madhya ( House mean) is not nearing a cusp , a time difference of few minutes would make no difference as the chart does not change. This may be true if one makes the predictions based on just Lagna or D-1 chart , but if the predictions are to be fine tuned with & for better accuracy, one needs all the SHODASH Varga (16 charts) that are impossible to construct without accurate birth details.e.g to plan your career, one needs to study your D-60 Chart which changes every minute. 

This page is an overall narration on Birth time rectification. To read specific birth chart's related information and self-assessment click on Birth time rectification.

ONE SHOULD KNOW VERY CAREFULLY THAT IN 15 MINUTES TIME THE ASCENDANT OF D-9 CHART CHANGES 4 TIMES, THE ASCENDANT OF D-10 CHART CHANGES 4 TIMES AND THE ASCENDANT OF D-60 CHART WILL CHANGE 13 TIMES. I get many horoscopes with accurate birth time but when I start analysing, I find about 25% of them need birth time rectification.  

Birth time rectification is a highly specialized job, which requires time, energy, patience and knowledge.

Time because it may take a few hours, energy and patience to sit for so long and knowledge to blend the events in the horoscope.

This requires multiple skills set, no astrological system is full proof enough to deal with this matter of birth time rectification single handedly , sometime Bhrighu works, some time Parashari works and sometime you have to deal with the issue with a specific Nadi technique.

To define the exact time of birth of a native , there is a set procedure where many questions regarding significant past events of one's present life ( like schooling, job joining or leaving period, marriage date, birth dates of siblings /  children, deaths of main persons in the family etc) are asked. As these questions are asked, the astrologer keeps nearing the birth time & once it is finally defined, the process of birth time rectification ends. 

To re-authenticate the accuracy of this birth time, you are told some past things of your life to reconcile that the birth time defined is now accurate. 

So, be ready for that magical moment, when you could say, yes my correct birth time  after birth time rectification is now with me and my horoscope analysis are based on accurate birth time & date.

For specific guidance on birth time rectification, you can: