Bhrigu Expert

Bhrigu Expert

Bhrigu (Rightly called Bhrigu Sahintha) was one of the Saptha Rishis (Seven Disciples) of Lord Shiva, one of trinity in Hinduism. Going three times around Shiva to offer their piety was their everyday job. Bhrigu Astrology or Bhrigu Samhitha is attributed to Maharishi Bhrigu, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu Mythology, Sage Bhrigu had three legs, gifted by Lord Shiva. There is a long story behind it. Certain Shiva temples will have the image of a Bhrigu with three legs by means of which he could perceive three worlds. The third leg is a symbolic one.

On one hand, Samhitha means “Put together” while on the other hand, it refers to the most ancient component of Vedas, containing manthras, hymns, prayers, litanies, and benedictions. Samhitha is based on the principle of Karma; what you did in the past returns in your future.

Accurate predictions can be drawn from the book Bhrigu Samhitha and hence it attracts all rich, poor, educated and uneducated people across the nation. Many people from overseas have seen a dramatic change in their lives after taking astrological advice through this method. People from all walks of life – business, service, politics, defence, religion etc., - from different countries               have had their life readings assessed, done the essential Karma               and witnessed the first hand prophesies of this miraculous Granth (book) coming true. Amazingly, horoscopes do not worry about casts under which an individual is born. For that matter, it does not matter whether a person is from the contemporary Europe, America, or Middle East.

It is said that Bhrigu Samhitha, which contains the prophesies of current and future lives and past lives of humankind, was actually compiled by this monk. Bhrigu Maharishi was the foremost composer of predictive astrology. It is said that he complied over 5 lakh horoscopes and kept track of the events in various people’s lives, which became a database for advance research and study. These horoscopes were based on the positions of Sun and Moon, and planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (North node of the Moon), and Kethu (South node of the Moon).

The total number of possible horoscope charts that can be drawn from this is approximately 45 million. Bhrigu taught this art of prophesy to his son, along with his other pupils. At present, Bhrigu Sahintha is available in Hoshiarpur/sultanpur district of Punjab. It is said that Bhrigu Shaasthra Shri. Shyama Charan Trivedi possesses this ancient invaluable Sahintha.

If your present life is riddled with full of trials and tribulations, experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, seek the help of Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the Vedic astrology who resides in Bajrangi Dham. He will relieve you from the apprehensions of your mysterious future life. According to him, out of the various systems of astrology, each has a special effect on a certain person while it is not effective at all on others. So, he first determines the type of astrology that is suitable for you before drawing up your horoscope chart.