Basic Appointment for astrology consultation

basic Appointment

Basic Appointment for Personal & Online Astrology consultation with Dr Vinay Bajrangi.

For taking basic astrology consultation, you need to fix your session through a fixed time appointment. This session can be accomplished in any of the following modes.

Meet him in his base office at M 22 Sector 66, Noida, in major cities during his visits or on Skype / Telephone.

इस ज्योतिष सलाह परामर्श की प्रक्रिया को आप हिंदी में भी पढ़ सकते हैं! 


1st & foremost point here is that the Horoscope cannot be changed by anyone not even creator Lord Brahma therefore the best way to reap positive results is to take advantage from the planetary transits (changing Gochar)  and Dashas.  Instead of picking up negative points of horoscope ( just reading Lagna D1 Chart), loading person with mindless rituals is not my methodology. I try to focus mainly on the reasons causing concern with deep analysis of relevant divisional charts and then guiding you more towards karmic corrections, how to derive results from planetary transits, changing Dashas & may be then small but doable totally Vedic solutions.The astrology consultation,  predictions & solutions are not only based on D 1 Chart but are derived from relevant Shodash Vargas in the birth chart further analysed in tandem with various other principles of Parashari, Brighu , South Nadis, North Indian Techniques, Krisnamurthy Padyati etc for  comprehensive solutions.  Basically you yourself should know some basic rules of Vedic Astrology before looking for any astrology consultation from any astrologer. ( See useful insight at the bottom). 


ONCE you register with us for the appointment, we take your birth details ( clear date, *Accurate time & place of birth) . We  also ask for the main area of concern ( specific Bhav ). This has a very specific relevance for pre-analysis of your horoscope before the appointment starts so that the appointment sessions start straightaway with the main subject. Now during the appointment, firstly main area of concern is discussed & subsequently, you can discuss other major areas of concern in this session. 

NOTE: In case you have even iota of doubt on the birth time, please speak to us before taking any decision of booking the appointmment.


1. You get to know the main reasons of all your problems, area of concern.

2. You get to know the Upaya (remedial measures), if any required to relieve you of the accumulated negativity in the horoscope.

3. Upaya ,if any, suggested, are totally Vedic, small  & self doable.

4. In many cases, Dr Vinay Bajrangi advises you to do some long term Karma Korrection within yourself so that such things do not surface in that horoscope again.

5. The Karma Korrection ( if advised) & Upaya are given to you in writing.

6. This session lasts for 30  minutes. 


1. You get connected to the Head of our support team who would explain all minute things about Upaya / remedial measures & Karma Korrection tips. Subsequently, the support team stays in touch with you following  the same.

2. Within about 2 months time after the 1st appointment, we expect you to share your 1st feedback with us.

This astrology consultation is a comprehensive analysis of the Horoscope for all areas of concern. Apart this,  there are other options also for  customised appointments as mentioned below.

Birth time rectification 

1. Birth time rectification with detailed analysis of the Horoscope.

2. Comprehensive analysis with readings of past, present & future with birth time validation

3. Past life analysis 

4. Married life issues – Pre & Post Marriage 

To Know the charges for the TAILOR Made sessions of Astrology Consultation, please Call our office

For booking the session for this astrology consultation for personal meeting, you need to deposit only Rs 1000/- now & the balance payment after completing the appointments.

For booking the Skype / Telephonic session for Astrology consultation, you need to pay the total fee prior to the appointment.

Payments can be made Online , in our bank or Paytm, details of which are given as required.

Hope, we have been able to explain our system of Astrology Consultation as above. For any other query please feel free to contact us.


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